Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Blogger's Bloom Day...and I arrived at the party on time! Yeeehaaah! I will edit in text later, cuz' right now I gotta run....enjoy the pics! Okay, I'm back......first we have boneset, and as you can see, the bees love it! There's even a bee flying in to the left of the flower. This was a volunteer last year, and it has established itself very well. It has various medicinal properties, I just like the symmetry of the leaves. Some lingering daylilies, this is "Hall's Pink".... new annual planter is coming along great, mostly because I water it constantly. The morning glory is doing a fine job covering the trellis and the ugly stuff behind it...sure hope it re-seeds next year!
Another daylily, "Lilting Belle". She just got transplanted a few weeks ago, yet still blooming like a rock star!

I mean, how can she produce such awesome blooms with such poor-looking foliage? Way to focus energy!
Sedum "Purple Emperor", one of my favorite new buys from last year.
Common Ironweed, blooming in the pot, waiting for a permanent home on my riverbank. It was in a regular garden spot, but it just gets too tall. Bees really love it, though.
Helenium "Joker's Wild"....I feel a helenium collection coming on!

Phirst phlox to bloom....I sure wish you could smell it!
Ice plant, blooming for the third time, still in the tiny grow cells from the nursery, waiting for a real home!
Okay, is this Sweet Autumn Clematis, or Virgin's Bower? Whatever it is, I like it!
Big woodland sunflower, another volunteer I really appreciate.
Purple liatris, another purchase from just this spring...
Fantasy Monarda, blooming very nicely, just like last year. I really like the funky look and colors of these blooms.
Another daylily favorite, "Chamonix"....
...and wave petunias that even look nice in the dark!
Here we have purple prairie clover, struggling a bit due to the lean sand it's in, along with several seasons of relentless browse from deer and bunnies. It keeps trying though, and I can really apprecite that!
White liatris, again just purchased this spring, and blooming in a pot whilst awaiting a home.

Sedum "Blackjack", also just bought this year and growing like crazy! Got some green in the back, reversion I guess...should I cut it off?

This is sedum "Matrona" of my favorites....
.....and a new coneflower from this year. I just cannot get over how well some of these new acquisitions are performing, especially in this drought! (I'm sure my non-stop "hose wrangling" has something to do with it!)
Sedum "Morchen", a passalong from my mom. It's kinda scrawny compared to hers, but alive at least!
Another fine annual, doing its' thing all summer....
...even my water garden plants are blooming! This is duck potato...I plan to plant it out along the riverbank after I've had my fun with it for the summer, and hopefully it'll return okay in its' new home.

The bees are digging it, for sure!

Another nice daylily providing a late display. Also a passalong from my mom, so no specific cultivar info :(
And may I present...Impatiens balfourii! I grew this from seed this year, so I'm doubly excited!
And my "regular" helenium, blooming despite the fact I cut off its' head earlier this!

And lastly, my buddy the Five-Lined Skink....okay, not an actual bloom, but I think he's pretty like a flower!


Entangled said...

That means we can make up our own captions, right? ;-)

The pink/purple liatris reminds me of cotton candy.

We have Torenia and Five-lined Skinks in common. The blue tail on the skink is such a shock the first time you see it.

chuck b. said...

I like your fritillary. (sp?)

Well, I like all of it, I just wanted to say fritillary.

I will be back for text.

Layanee said...

Great blooms all!

Ki said...

We can count on you to have many unusual and wonderful plants! Love that skink!

lisa said...

Entangled-Absolutely you can make up your own captions! I really like the skinks, but I think that the much less attractive adults are even more shocking than the blue-tailed juveniles.

Chuck-Fritillary, fri-till-ary, frit-til-ary, fritillarianarianship! Heh, am I easily amused, or what?

Layanee-Thank you!

Ki-Thank you very much! Unusual is my thing, man!

Carol said...

So much going on, it's hard to pick a favorite flower from your post. But I do like the different sedums.

Thanks for participating in Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day again!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Annie in Austin said...

You have been doing some great garden-hose wrangling!

Sometimes visiting your garden is like looking at my long-gone IL garden, Lisa - I had that Boneset/ Eupatorium, helenium, white liatris, and even had 'Hall's Pink' daylily. That one in common really surprises me because there are a zillion cultivars. My phlox phinally bloomed, too - but it's white.

I think your cute annual is Torenia - your photo shows the little 'Wishbone' that gives the plant its name of Wishbone Flower.

You might be tough enough to cut off the green parts of the sedum, but cheap Annie would be more likely to sort of tug them out with roots and plant them somewhere else ;-]

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Bob said...

Lots of fun stuff blooming in lisa's garden. Really enjoy the sedums. I'll be posting in the near future on some in my yard. They are great plants.
Take care, BOB

chuck b. said...

Oh, so that's a monarda not a fritillary. Well, I thought it was a weird-looking fritillary, but that's a really freakin' weird looking monarda! Good job! :)

Gotta Garden said...

Such a cool and interesting assortment, Lisa! Oh yeah, I, too, like the leaves on the boneset...very neat and layered!

Of course, the daylilies are gorgeous!! I have been going back and forth about adding Matrona and Blackjack, I wish I had! It's not too late, lol! DO start a helenium collection...I'm with you! Mine have every reason to be dead from neglect and yet, they bloom anyway! Gotta like that! And, I really am going to take better care of them...

Love your garden buddy!

lisa said...

Carol-We have sedum appreciation in common for sure, I really like their pollinator-friendly blooms to keep bees happy all the way through fall.

Annie-No surprised to me that your IL garden has similarity to mine, cuz' a lot of my plants and ideas came from my mom's garden in Indiana. (The 'Hall's Pink' does kinda blow my mind, though.) Wishbone flower makes perfect sense...I like its' persistent blooming! "Tug them out with roots" never would have occurred to me-thanks!

Bob-Thank you, and I'll be looking forward to your sedum post!

Chuck-Oh yea, weird is my thing, for sure! ;-)

GG-NEVER too late for more sedums! I'm appreciating the tough nature of heleniums, too...this year's drought is really laying a smack-down on them, but they just keep on shining! Skinks are very easy buddies, BTW-eating bugs and minding their own biz-nass!

snappy said...

Hi Lisa, you have a gorgeous collection of flowers and the very pretty five lined Skink.
I want to try and grow the poor mans orchid now after seeing yours grown from seed.Your plants have done fabulous with the drought.I guess they have got tougher roots with the dry conditions and this has made them flower even better than with damp soil :)

lisa said...

Snappy-Thank you! The impatiens did great from seed, so I know if I can do it, so can you! I am also surprised things are doing so well, because they've all been challenged this year for sure!

Kylee said...

Ahhhh, you've got 'Chamonix'!! I have been wanting this one. And now I also want 'Lilting Belle.'

You wondered about Sweet Autumn Clematis. I have this and it doesn't look like yours, so maybe yours is Virgin's Bower. I'm not familiar with that one though.

Lots of pretties there!

lisa said...

Thanks Kylee! I bet that is Virgin's Bower, I need to get out my wildflower book...