Friday, July 28, 2006

These two pictures represent my "silly girl" plant purchase for 2006 (this is usually an annual occurrance). The bottom picture was in the Dutch Gardens catalog, listed as "Fantasy Monarda"...they also said it was "new". This statement, however, WAS the "fantasy"...turns out this plant is also known as "horsemint", and is a wildflower in many areas, as in the other illustration from a wildflower web page. (though not actually a mint). Now, to Dutch Garden's credit, they DID give the scientific name, "monarda punctata"...and had I done my homework, I could have made this discovery prior to purchase. But all I saw was "new", and I had a credit to use, so I thought "what the heck". I DO like the plant, although the pinky-purple portions aren't as colorful as either picture shows (may just be conditions at my house). But I feel a tad "duped"...and will do a lookup on from now on when I seek a shiny, new plant. This way, I can be sure of what I'm getting, and often find a better price...3 cheers for the internet!


Connie said...

I was admiring that plant in the Dutch Gardens catalog....Thanks for the heads up!

lisa said...

I DO actually like the plant, I just felt silly paying plenty for something that's basically a wildflower that I could have easily grown from seed.

Anonymous said...

Love your photos.
Re: 'Fantasy', a garden client of mine ordered this plant from DG last spring. I thought "big mistake" but planted the 3 in her garden with 'Moonshine' achillea and 'Butterfly Blue' scabiosa.
"Big mistake" turned out to be a big success. Granted the colors were much paler than catalog's but its an interesting plant AND it attracted 3 different species of wasps that seemed to be continuously feasting on the nectar.

lisa said...

Thank you! I found the same to be true-not invasive, pale but pretty just the same, and pollinators love it! And I say, if pollinators want something, then give it to them! ;-)