Friday, July 10, 2009

Mr. and Mrs.

May I introduce Mr. Hummingbird.... ...taking note of my presence...

...before chowing right down.

And then taking off to patrol the yard.

Next the Mrs. arrives......also taking note of my location...

...then going about her business....

...with a parting glance and a "What are you looking at?"

Just bird watching, ma'am. Submitted to Friday Ark.

Product Review

Garden blogging is fun, and very educational for me personally. Many bloggers have advertisements on their blogs to earn extra money as well. However, I've always felt that there are too many ads on the web already, so I keep them off my blog. Recently I got a welcome and unexpected perk from a vendor-free merchandise! The nice folks at Forte Promo sent me some custom imprintable, garden-related items to review and give feedback. Score! Here thay are, packed very well for the trip......this is a BPA-free sport bottle , and I love the color! Check out the lid! I like the metal ring that locks it shut...

...and when you want a sip, just press the button...

...presto! There's a ring to hang it from your belt or backpack too. I have used this daily for a couple months now, and I'm finding it to be very durable. Plus I'm feeling very "green" to be off the bottled water.
They also sent me this very heavy-duty tape measure! It has inches, metric, and a locking slider to keep it where you want it. (Of course it auto-retracts too, which I always found entertaining, much to my father's chagrin! ;-)
What's this?! It's a "Gizmo-approved" garden stool of course!

It has a carrying handle, pockets to hold your tools, and a vinyl-lined bag underneath for even more supplies! (The bag part snaps off, too.) The stool is a nice working height, folds for easy storage, and is rated to hold up to 200 lbs.!

Friends, I'm here to say that I personally, ahem, tested this weight limit, and the stool came through with flying colors! ;-)
So if you're having an event and desire some custom-printed swag, the folks at Forte Promo have the quality stuff you need at reasonable prices! In fact, these items would be great for the next Garden Bloggers meet-up! Hint, hint! :)