Friday, June 27, 2008

Creature Feature...I'm not referring to the old TV show, although this "evil space-rabbit" makes it look that way. That show was really cool, every Saturday night in the 70's I got to see the old classic horror films, like "The Pit and the Pendulum", "The Blob", and all the old Lon Chaney Jr. and Bela Lugosi movies. I think just about every state in the union had a version of this show, and ours in Indiana was hosted by Elvira after awhile. You can even watch a new version on the internet now. But I digress.... ...can you see who's hiding in this foliage? Just under the fern is a ruffed grouse, trying to blend in. Good job!
This little mourning dove was sitting on the deck railing so still, I thought she may have been injured or something...
....but as I stepped outside she was acting more wary and normal, so I left her alone. My friends, do you know what this is? This bird is a yellow-bellied sapsucker , and a very exciting visitor for me! I've never even seen one of these, so I got to add it to my "list". (Lots of bird-watchers keep lifetime lists of their bird sightings.) I was pleased as punch to see him enjoying the grape jelly I'd put out for the Baltimore orioles, so I'll leave this feeder up all summer for sure! (I usually take it down about now, once the orioles have moved on.) I've even seen the female rose-breasted grosbeak enjoying the jelly, so from now on, this feeder will be up all summer.
Here's somebody I don't see that often, the American toad. Kind of odd, becauseI used to see a lot of them in Indiana, but not up here. I have plenty of frogs, but fewer toads. This guy was as big as my hand, too. (Maybe he ate the others! :)
Mr. hummingbird, on his favorite perch. (I think he likes the vantage point, it allows him to efficiently police the feeder so he can run off interlopers. They're so territorial!)
And last but not least, this crowd was milling around as I drove to work this morning.......these are sandhill cranes, and although I see them regularly, I don't usually see a group this large past early spring. Maybe they're beginning their weekend party early....wish I could! Submitted to Friday Ark.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Orphan post rescue...after that meme, I feel like I talk too much, so I say it's time to rescue an "orphan post" know, when you start something and don't finish it. So here's some stuff from spring, because for me, it's all about the visuals. :)