Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Are you callin' me yellow? These days, this is an apt description of my garden in so many ways.....like this unfurling datura blossom.... ...I like the way it looks on-end, too.........or this nice hollyhock, blooming right in the pot I placed it in after it arrived bare-root this spring! I'm sure glad it's happy despite a lack of "permanent residence".
Unfortunately, our awful drought makes for yellow on the foliage of many plants, too...like this poor currant.Then there's the bright yellow foliage of this native common mullein, whose seeds are relished by my goldfinches. I like the candelabra of yellow flowers, not to mention the fuzzy leaves.
Thus far, my mountain ash berries are yellow, too...although I anticipate they will turn orange later.
Even my poor, unmown lawn is turning yellow....*sigh*The goldenrod is a beautiful sulpur-yellow, and weed or not, I like it!
But friends, my absolute favorite yellow is this.....
....yummy yellow tomatoes are ripe! Hooray! Not too bad for a late-season impulse buy, huh?

So how's everybody else's "yellow" coming along?


Rurality said...

Well our grass mostly turned yellow before it turned brown and crunchy... does that count? :)

Actually we do have some yellow tomatoes that we bought by mistake (they were marked incorrectly). They're pretty good though.

chuck b. said...

Yellow is huge in my garden right now, but all from one plant. Well, one species. Four specimens. And I have three things making purple. Purple and yellow? Bleh.

snappy said...

I do not have anything yellow flowering in the Flat.The yellow Celosia Plumosa died off..I have a Red flowering explosion though which was my post today.
I love the Mountain Ash berrys and Common Mullein.
Enjoy your yellow garden.Very wizard of Oz (yellow brick road?)

lisa said...

Rurality-Heh...my grass is on its' way to brown crunch as well. I'm told the yellow tomatoes are lower in acid, which really helps my chronic heartburn. Yellow spaghetti sauce looks funny though, but that's what food coloring is for! ;-)

Chuck-You don't like purple and yellow? I've seen those as high school colors before, and that is definately "bleh!"

Snappy-"Yellow brick road"...I love it! Now if only I could get a field of poppies to magically appear...

Annie in Austin said...

Does your datura stay yellow once it's open, Lisa? My related Brugmansia is yellow when it's almost open, but white after a day. Still waiting for the yellow plumeria, and some of my yellow flowers like Achillea and coreopsis were worn out, so I cut the stems back to the base and hope they'll bloom again. Yellow rose has no flowers but does have buds.... guess all this means my yellow is in the future.

I'll be back to check out the id's and words to go with the astounding number of photos you've posted for Bloom Day.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Ki said...

Isn't that Yella? Love the yellow Sorbus.

lisa said...

Annie-The datura do turn white once they open. I have serious brug-envy due to the sucess you and Chuck have with them....my place just is not condusive to growing them. Mine is a naked stick all winter, then foliage-only in the summer...*sigh*. I think I need to adopt it out to a better home or something.

Ki-Heh...I almost DID say yella...well, great minds, and all. I dig the sorbus, too....never seen the berries be yellow, though.

Gotta Garden said...

I think some of the pink tomatoes are lower acid, too...or maybe they're just pretty!

I like yellow! My upstairs hall is this most bright yellow (which I think I will change when my daughter leaves for school...she insists it cheers her...but I gotta tell you it is BRIGHT and the light at the end of the hall makes it turn orange...which isn't at all what I had in mind...but, I digress...) and my kitchen! So, I think this yellow post is great!

Okay, I'm an oddball, but I also like yellow and purple!

Very cheery! I will have to take a look to see what is yellow outside my house!

lisa said...

GG-Yellow is such a sunny, cheerful color for me, too. No yellow walls in my house, but I bet you pull it off well! Last spring I'd noticed my pervasive trend of yellow bulbs, which prompted me to order a bunch of red and purple blend combos (not together) for this fall.