Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I won! Yippie!!! I got to work this morning, and in my email was the news-I won Stuart's Quirkiest Planter Contest! Not to sound cliche', but I'm not a regular contest winner (weiner or whiner maybe ;), but not winner, so this is super-cool for me! So let's look in on the planters and see how they're doing....here's the "moon garden" annuals I bought, coming along nicely. I've seen the "Sphinx Moth" already, and I'm hoping the "Luna Moth" will show up, too.The flowering tobacco is doing particularly well, and it's been growing so fast that these pics from only a few days ago are already way off!I mean, what bug could resist these lovely blooms?!Speaking of bugs, some arachnid is enjoying my hanging basket here...
...the webs are so cool...fragile, yet prison for their lunch! Engineering at it's best!
This tub's coming along, too. There's a morning glory in the back that's not visible here, but it's growing really fast, too.
And so far this dahlia is taking well to it's "summer home". I think I will try and winter this over indoors and see if it will come back, although I've never grown dahlias before. It would probably get bigger in another pot, but oh well.

The "coca-cola hummingbird" container is a real non-stop bloomer! I can't help but smile everytime I walk past!This basket sitting in the old enamel collander dries out so quickly, portulaca was really the only sensible choice...and it's doing fine!
This little truck is part of the night-blooming garden, and with good reason......the headlights show my moth buddies the way to the "dinner table"!
Window boxes are growing well, too...I can't wait til' August when they're super-lush!

And the old chair is filling out...of course, these volunteer jewelweeds are helping!

The "monochromatic orange" annual area is coming along, too. Thanks to you nice folks in the blogosphere, I now know that the flower in the lower left is "Profusion Zinnia". Not only is it pretty initially....

...but it fades out nicely, too! Talk about double-duty!


MrBrownThumb said...


Congrats on the win. I love the truck with the lights.

Rurality said...

I feel soooo inadequate. :)


lisa said...

Thanks Mr. Brownthumb!

Rurality-awww, no way! You're cool as heck! I've read your blog-you can't fool me! ;-)

The County Clerk said...

Congratulations. Winning kicks ass, no?

You deserve it. Your property is a fantasyland... and I know you work hard on it.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Congratulations! I LOVE that the truck's headlights light up the moon garden. *grin*

chuck b. said...

My' dad's doing a little remodel and he currently has a spare toilet that I'm trying to get him to let me use in his yard. I mean garden. My s.o. wouldn't stand for it in our garden, but my dad just might. I tought Colocasia esculenta would be nice against the bright white porcelain...right?!

Fingers crossed!

LostRoses said...

Very clever "container" ideas, Lisa! You were a natural to win that prize. Gotta love the headlights in the garden too!

Annie in Austin said...

You sure did deserve the prize, Lisa, it's quirky but also beautiful! I love the clever way you've combined the body part implied by the bedpan and the title 'Moon Garden'.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Congrats on winning this contest Lisa, it was well deserved! Those containers of yours are certainly quirky! The truck with the lights (details like that are sooooooo important) is a firm favorite of mine too, as is the bedpan. ;-)

Connie said...

Hi Lisa...Cogratulations on winning the container contest! You are a woman after my own heart. :-) I have many containers similar to yours...I love using anything vintage in my garden.

Ki said...

I panted several Nicotiana a couple of years ago and they all died! I always thought it was an easy plant to grow but apparently not so. Lovely portulacas and I love the truck with lights! That's almost too wonderful to leave out in the elements though I see that it is solar powered.

lisa said...

Hank-thank you! Winning does rock, to be sure!

Kim-I really like this little truck a lot, my friend Jenny got it for me for Christmas.

Chuck-Oh yea, you need a toilet planter somewhere! I've toyed with the idea myself...and I bet if a person worked it right, it could be subtle enough to just get that last minute double-take.

Lostroses-thank you!

Annie-Thank you! To be honest, that connection was unintentional, but I find it hilarious!

Yolanda-Thank you!

Connie-Thank you! I used to admire similar impromptu planters at one of my old antique haunts, and it just stuck with me.

Ki-I used to kill nicotania regularly, but I'm realizing how much it loves dry heat, even if the leaves look droopy during the heat of the day. It's rough for me, but I'm learning to recognize which plants prefer to be ignored, and appreciating the decreased maintenance! (It took me YEARS to learn this with several houseplants, and I can still rot a cactus in less than 30 days! ;-) I was hesitant to leave the truck out, too-but I gotta put it through it's paces! I do have several cute statues that were originally meant for the garden who reside indoors :)