Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Daredevil annuals for Wednesday bloom's been threatening to freeze off and on lately, but my desire to get my annuals planted got the best of me last weekend. Geez I hope I don't come to regret it! I wasn't even going to buy any just yet, but I was at Walmart, and, you know.... ;) So it all started with this pretty peach daisy...and I thought "Wow that's pretty! And look at that orange-y geranium, they'd look like sherbert together (I actually don't have a sweet tooth). So I got onto a monochromatic tangent, like colors but different plants. I've never done this before, but the shopping was fun!Once I got them home, I was anxious to get a grouping going, so I started with the daisy and the oranges. Sorry I can't remember all the plants, but I'm not at home right now. (I'll edit them in later.) But there's the daisey plus a small pumpkin-y mum, pansy, marigold, and portulaca plus whatever I cannot remember. These containers may look sparse, but not only are fewer and smaller plants more economical, but I get to watch them grow, and for me that's the whole point. I don't want the super lush, finished look immediately. I want to enjoy the progression, then look around and enjoy the lush results in August. Odd I guess, but I gotta be me! :)

Here I got some red going, with red and white lantana (I think) in the back, petunias, and a pansy. More sparse, but there's a jewelweed seedling in there, which will hopefully take up a lot of room later! I may add something else eventually, too....especially if I'm weak to a good clearence sale!


chuck b. said...

That lantana will kick petunia and pansy ass.

Like you, I don't like to "plant it up" for the full look right off the bat either (unless I'm using plant material I have tons of that I would feel bad about composting, like succulent cuttings, or divided perennials).

Plantings always look much better when the plants grow into each other on their own than they do when the gardener tries to do it for them.

lisa said...

Thanks, Chuck...glad to know I'm not the only one! Seems like the pre-arranged baskets that nurseries sell are already stuffed to the gills, and it's sort of anti-climatic for me. I wanna watch things happen!

Carol said...

Better late than never, right? I love that chair. I've always wanted to plant a chair like that in the garden. Great idea!

Annie in Austin said...

Small plants are okay by me, too - especially since our growing season is pretty long so a full planter would be overgrown too soon.

Lisa, your peachy theme brings back memories of a flower bed near the sidewalk which had all peachy/pale apricot flowers as the main color, with the accent color lavender blue, from things like 'Cambridge Blue' lobelia. It was a traffic stopper when the pale peach iris, poppies and peony were in bloom.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

lisa said...

Carol-thanks! I like the chair, too-especially because it was free! Some call it "trash-picking", I call it recycling, but I figured while this chair rots away, it can be a decoration for me! I like junk in general, so it just makes sense to incorporate it into my landscape.

Annie-Wow, that color scheme sounds really cool! That's a good theme idea for next year-bold contrasts! Awesome, now I have a year to plan! I did see a black and white theme in a magazine once, they called it a "tuxedo garden"...maybe I'll try that next year, too.