Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Y'all diggin' my new header? I sure am! This is courtesy of Kim the Blackswamp Girl...I told you Bloggers and "lurkers" are awesome! This comes at a great time to cheer me up...I have been home from work with a terrible case of the flu for the last several days, and the smile is sorely needed!! Ah well, "tis' the season"...*sigh*.


Entangled said...

Cool header!
Get well soon!

Rurality said...

Very nice. Get well soon!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Flu... YIKES! We'll do a little tweaking on that header, Lisa--a couple of those pictures aren't as crisp on my screen as I'd like to see. But I'm glad you like it.

Get well soon!

vonne said...

Wow! Nice header...and a nice friend!

Hope you're feeling better. I've been sick with a bad case of the flu too. Sucks. I thought I was gonna dodge the bullet this year. Guess not. Take care of yourself.

Btw, I took your advice with the spring cactus and the ones in water look better. The ones in dirt are looking somewhat better too, so I think I was impatient. It'll be an interesting experiment though!

lisa said...

Entangled and Karen-Thank you! This bout of flu has been particularly brutal, with a fever lasting 4 full days...I'm wiped out! I suspect even my internet participation will be hit-or-miss for a bit yet. :( Rotten virus, anyway!

Kim-Thank you and thank you!

Vonne-Sorry you've been enjoying this season's latest virus as well...I can't say I'm impressed with it! Funny how cuttings can act...that's why I experiment-better odds! Glad to hear they're cheering up.

Marvin said...

The header is great; the flu is not. Hope you are over the worst of it by now.

Layanee said...

Very nice! I would change mine except that it takes time and I am way to lazy to do it. I love yours and Kims' also. A nice collage!

It does seem to be that time of year for illness doesn't it? Hope you are feeling better by now! Here is a smile :)

Bob said...

The header looks great. I hope you this comment finds you in better health. All the best, Bob

lisa said...

Marvin-Finally I think I am, and it only took a week and a half!

Layanee-Thank you!! Your smile did the trick! :)

Bob-Thank you so much!