Friday, January 18, 2008

It's a's a's a Large Tolype! (From last summer, of course).

Submitted to Friday Ark.


mmw said...

I am now officially a fan of your football team:

stay warm!

chuck b. said...


lisa said...

Mmw-That's funny as hell! When I first moved up here from Indiana, I discovered lots of new drinking terminology. One item was "breaking the seal", meaning once you pee after beginning your drinking "session", you'll just have to go more often. As I became a "pro", this premise holds out (pun intended). I bet I could make it to the 2 min. warning, especially if I was at the game in person today. With wind chills in the -25 range, I'd be an immobile "fan-sicle" for sure!

Chuck-RIGHT?! I like his pompador, looks like Bowser from Sha Na Na. Heh...I watched American Graffitti again the other night...what a trip!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

What a cute moth!!! :)

Btw, I can't believe that y'all in Indiana didn't know what "breaking the seal was... you could've moved next door to Ohio to discover that--you didn't have to go all the way up to Wisconsin! ;)

Blackswamp_Girl said...

ps. I sent you something yesterday via email. Just wanted to make sure you got it, since it has an attachment.

Annie in Austin said...

Uh, I just wanted to talk about the cool moth [backing quickly out of the bar]. I'll be back when the game's over ;-]


GardenJoy4Me said...

Holy crap !
I'm glad never to have run into that THING .. I have a phobia about moths ( a kid thing stretch to adult hysterics .. haha )
Until I read what it was I sat here shaking my head .. amazing !
Joy, meeting my moth phobia head on ? haha

lisa said...

Kim-Heh...I bet I'd learn a LOT in Ohio!! Do you guys have "bar nicknames", too? I'm "Squeaky" around here...a tad more "well-known" than I'd like to admit, but you'll have that! ;-)

Annie-Moths are way cool, and I can't believe how many different ones there are. This one is by far the strangest I'd ever seen. And don't be shy in the bar...sit and toss back a couple, eh? Nobody around here will bite! :)

Gardenjoy4me-Sorry to hear about your phobia! Luckily, this one isn't very I think you can safely "stare down your beast". :) (I hope you never watched the old Godzilla movies with the monster giant moth, "Mothra". I don't think that would help...)

Annie in Austin said...

Lisa, I made inquiries and heard some Austin people use the term "breaking the dam" but no other details - it's UT football here, of course!


lisa said...

Heh..."breaking the dam"...that's a new one for ANY football is alright by me, too! Funny how social trends vary regionally as well...growing up in Indiana, I never felt comfortable going to a bar by myself, and I don't really recall any other girls my age doing it. But up here, it's nothing to stop in and have a couple while chatting up the bartender (or a complete stranger, for that matter). I don't make a habit of this behavior, but it just never would have crossed my mind back home.