Friday, August 31, 2007

Stranger in town...and he's making his presence known! This is a Red Squirrel, which are fairly common around here, but I discovered they're considered endangered in parts of Europe. I can understand why, as they can be pretty destructive if they get in your house... .....and more than a little messy outdoors. I see these piles everywhere lately... ....I mean everywhere!
And look at this! My garden seat cushion (old chair cushion from the dump), not only torn open, but the little thief is making off with the stuffing! I know he's the culprit, cuz' I caught him "red-handed"! ;-)
For the most part I don't mind having these guys around, but they can sure be noisy! This one was chattering away the other day, so I told him to keep it down.....Hey! I think he flipped me off!


chuck b. said...

That's so weird he took your chair stuffing. How did he know it was in there? Was some of it poking through?

Bob said...

sorry about the critters, They are cute but better off in the forest than by a home. Your are right they can cause a lot of damage. Keep an eye on them.
All the best, BOB

funtimehappygardenexplosion said...

haha, your stuffing!!! what a smart critter. more pictures please!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

So that's where they hiding now! grin! In Britain they are becoming rare because of the import of grey squirrels. In the Netherlands red squirrels are still very much alive and kicking. Or should that be stealing nuts and stuffing from cushions? ;-)

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Those are the one thing that my Dad does shoot... after years of having them invade and wreak havoc in our house and my grandma's house next door! And he probably was flipping you off--I swear that they know my Dad is after them, and they purposely tease him by going in and out of clear shot range, chattering the whole time.

lisa said...

Chuck-Actually, the cushion had a tiny rip, but no stuffing showing...I think he was sitting there dining on a pinecone and noticed it.

Bob-Thanks, I do keep my eye on their movements with regard to the house in particular. As much as I try to cohabitate with these creatures, when they get destructive then it's time for "deadly force" tactics.

Funtime...-No problem! I am a very visually-oriented person, so there will always be more pictures! :)

Yolanda-Oh yea, stealing, kicking, shredding, all that stuff!

Kim-Heh...they're wiley little bastards, to be sure! I've heard hunters say that it's a good thing squirrels don't have guns, cuz' they spot you long before you see them...I'm glad they don't have weapons based on attitude alone!

Crafty Gardener said...

What a cheeky little red squirrel you have eating away at your cushion.

Here's my red squirrel
Thanks for visiting my blog.