Monday, July 23, 2007

Transportation I'm driving along in my 1998 Dodge (with 248,000 miles on it), and I knew it had sounded funky lately, but then as I pulled away from an intersection I hear a loud "thunk"....followed by "ka-whump, ka-whump, ka-whump"! When I exit the vehicle, this is what I see..... I'm no mechanic, but I'm guessing this is not good. So a few minutes later, the "cavalry"/tow truck arrives. And only 6 days, and $1,400.00 later (incl. rental car), I'm back on the road. I'm gettin' 300,000 miles outta this truck yet!


chuck b. said...

The guys on Car Talk a car that gets 100k (or was it more) should run forever. So, you're good.

What exactly was in that picture tho...a pipe that fell off your car?

Ki said...

Oooo, good thing the back universal joint let loose instead of the front or you could have pitch poled your truck when the drive shaft dug into the road.

lisa said...

Chuck-I really do expect to get 300K miles or more-when you pay $21K new, they'd BETTER last! That pipe in the picture is my drive shaft, and I'm very lucky I was moving slowly at the time, or it would have been a fairly dramatic accident!

Ki-Heh...not exactly the kind of "pole-vaulting" a person wants to do, eh? One of my son's friends told me that I could have just put the drive shaft into the back of the truck, put it in 4WD, and driven home! I had no idea tow truck it was. The repair list was way more than 2 U-joints: O2 sensor, tranfer case was cracked and leaking, transmission pan was leaking, etc. But I'm back on the road again....for now! ;-)