Monday, July 30, 2007

Random randomness....I'm feeling rather disoriented and spacey lately, a combination of my allergies, and our current weather pattern (we're back on "bake")...but I'm coherent enough to realize I've been going on about the local wildlife so much, some folks may wonder if I'm still gardening! Very much so, but lately it's mostly wander and water. So here are some random plants to remind everyone (myself included) why I'm's about we start off with a nice little daylily kiss? Pucker up, baby...*smack*!Nice pink blooms from Rubus odoratus, or pink-flowered thimbleberry. They look like big raspberries, but have a unique flavor, kinda strawberry-ish. I came across these vacationing in Michigan's Upper Peninsula several years ago, and of course had to get one (or two). And here's hydrangea 'Little Lamb'...blooming in it's very first year........and beginning to show a pink blush that I'm hoping the flowers fade to as they mature. Thanks to Song Sparrow for hooking me up so well!

Now this area may look too weedy to some, but I like it. Ostrich fern, bee balm, and birdsfoot trefoil-wild yet pretty.

Here are two of three ligularia, 'The Rocket'.....

....and 'Japonica'...both have similar flowers, unlike 'Desdomona', which has daisy-like blooms, as well as much different leaves.
And this is a close-up of some of the flowers....Here we have daylily 'Mary Todd', a healthy lass, to be sure!

Clematis, 'My Angel' just getting started. The seed heads are very pretty, too.
This daylily is called 'Lisa My Joy'.....I am not a narcissist! (Or was that narcissus? Whatever.)
Volunteer black-eyed susan amongst the about contrast!

Flowers in the window boxes are coming along nicely, as is the porcelain vine on the house. It get fake-looking blue berries in the fall....very cool.

A nice great blue lobelia coming up from wild collected seed last fall-hooray!

This daylily I've had a long time, and cannot remember the name....
...but planted next to this one (also unk.) it has a nice contrast!
Nice annual geranium going strong! Look at these three cuties! Volunteers in a potted 'Flame Grass', I like volunteers!
I even like my flowers at night! So there it is, the flowers, all the flowers, and nothing but the flowers.....
....oops! Wascally Wabbit!


chuck b. said...

I don't think your Ostrich fern, bee balm, and birdsfoot trefoil looks weedy at all. That wild lobelia looks esp. nice.

No prunella? :)

More pictures, please!

Marie said...

I enjoyed the trip around your garden. I'm a daylily lover so that was my favorite part. The watermark on Lisa My Joy is beautiful. Great pictures!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

See, even if you ignore the wildlife it sneaks into your post anyway, Lisa. You're a regular magnet for wildlife!

I'm drooling over that lobelia. I had a whole stand of the great blue at my old house (heavy, moist clay) but I just know it wouldn't be happy enough here. *sigh*

By the way, now that you changed your profile pic I didn't "recognize" you when you posted a comment on my blog. I clicked through to see who was leaving me a note thinking I was going to discover a brand new (to me) garden blogger! lol.

Annie in Austin said...

Lisa, all the views are great, but your closeups are super- that lobelia, that pink blush on the hydrangea, the My Angel clematis- lovely, lovely.

Your new photo fooled me, too. I hope you feel better, but wonder whether your allergies get worse when the ragweed starts? Austin experts are predicting a horrible ragweed year here because of all the rain. Right now the big allergen is mold!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Carla said...

What a lovely, lovely garden you have! That first picture is spectacular. In fact, I like all the closeups. Speaking of which, I should be getting out in mine.

lisa said...

Chuck-Heh, I should have posted prunella pics just for time! I am absolutely digging the "wild" look in my yard ...maybe soon the whole house will be camouflaged!

Marie-Thank you! I like the "watermarked" daylilies more and more...only have a couple so far.

Kim-Yea, critters are part of my everyday life around here, and I can't forget them if I try. I was sitting on the porch the other day, and a bird had to do a quick aerial maneuver to avoid crashing into my face! I think they forget that I am there-perhaps I'm TOO quiet in the yard! As for the lobelia-my soil is very sandy, so I bet you could keep one going. My Simpson alter-ego was fun...the girl at work was getting herself Simpsonized, and I couldn't resist. Who says I don't work hard! ;-)

Annie-Thank you! I really love the macro on my new camera! Allergies get to me somewhat every year, but worse this season with no rain to "rinse" pollen away. If I were in to drugs, I could just imagine myself stoned all the time...but nah!

Carla-Thanks! I say any time spent in the garden is a relaxing departure from everything else...enjoy!

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Love that blue lobelia of yours, really pretty! Clematis is alwys good to have in the garden, they are such great climbers (or crawlers).

I think that "wild"look in that part of your garden is great. I don't like it when a garden is too neat and tidy.

Your ligularia looks great, very spiky!

And of course, you had to throw a bit of wildlife in as well, great pic of the wascally wabbit, doc! ;-)

lisa said...

Yolanda-Thanks! I like the wild look more and more...and my bunnies like it too!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Of course, I had to go and get Simpsonized, too. :) lol. Can you tell me more about that clematis? It looks like it should be one of the shrubby kind, like that sugarbowl... but how is it really?

Marion in Savannah said...

Wonderful pictures! And even if he's a wascal the wabbit is cute... I love volunteers too -- I have no idea how that basil got from WAAAY over there to where it's volunteering now, but is there such a thing as too much basil? And the torenia are VERY busy volunteers... It's a good thing that I'm a big fan.

lisa said...

Kim-Isn't that Simpson thing a hoot? As for the clematis, I bought it a few years ago from Completely Clematis Nursery, they really have nice stuff! It's a vining type, and the flowers are just an inch or so, but profuse! When I buy more clematis next year, it'll be from them, because their stuff just does better for me than even local-bought.

Marion-Thanks! I feel the same way, good to be so welcoming of flowers in general, cuz' with volunteers it's here they come, ready or not!

Bob said...

Some very nice shots. Sorry its gotten hot again. Soon falls crisp evening well be here. I also love volunteers--Its always a nice surprise :)

all the best Lisa,

Anonymous said...

Your garden is a joy.
I have never seen a hydrangea like the one you have. Lovely.

Rurality said...

Great pics!

You mentioned ordering so here is a 10% coupon code for you: 11207070800. It's good thru the end of the year.

EAL said...

Love the slug-free ligularia (lucky you) and the bee balm, which looks more purple than red?

lisa said...

Bob-Thanks! I never thought I'd actually be looking forward to fall, but with the drought and heat, I am!

Becky-Thank you! I bought the hydrangea just this spring, I think it's a fairly new cultivar.

Rurality-Thanks for the coupon! I really love your soaps, I'm looking forward to trying more scents.

EAL-Thank you! I have enjoyed quite the slug-free year with the lack of rain, although right now, I'd take the slugs! The bee balm is purple, it's actually a native volunteer. I used to have red, but it all disappeared (or perhaps reversion was the culprit, if that's possible.) I like your new profile pic, BTW-pretty smile!