Monday, May 28, 2007

Scenes from the weekend....since there's no such thing as too much fun, here's some of mine from the much-anticipated holiday: snowdrops are supposed to be "early spring bloomers"....guess mine are "June Drops"! This 'Midland Shooting Star' is also a "spring bloomer"...hey, I'm just glad to see flowers no matter what!
Then this lovely miniature peony, 'Little Song' is right on time and super cute!
And here we have a "Mayfly" (I think-not a super-informative blog all the time, but I'm a tad drunk, so slack is in order! ; )...I've never really paid attention before, but as of June 1st, will they be gone?


lisa said...

FYI update....the white flower I called "snowdrops" is also referred to as 'Star of Bethlehem', 'Nap-at-Noon', and 'Sleepydick' (tee hee, my favorite)'s an URL to check out more info:

barrie said...


we're in a hard core drought in georgia, so i'm very happy for you! planted over 200 perennials this year and they're so far so good but it's a challenge the first year.



chuck b. said...

That's a scaryass lookin' bug!

lisa said...

Barrie-wow...hope your drought ends soon!

Chuck-mayflies are actually harmless, and trout fishermen love to make flies that look just like them, I hear they're "fish-nip".