Tuesday, May 29, 2007

One last plant order...because I'm not busy enough! ;) Anyhow, I found this company, Autumn Ridge, while searching for echinacea online, and I thought I'd give them a try. After all, their prices are crazy cheap, and shipping is only $6.50 for any size order! So I got 'Sunrise' echinacea, 'Kim's Knee High' echinacea, 'Summer Kiss' gaillardia, and 'Gold Crown' peony. The echinaceas and gaillardia were only $2.95 each, and the peony was $7.95! For these prices I didn't expect much, but look-the echinaceas are bare-root and kinda small, but I got multiples!!! Five plants for $2.95!! And they're certainly no smaller than the stuff I got from Michigan Bulb, and much more appropriately priced! Again multiple plants! They sent me 4-5 crowns of everything I ordered!
Except for the peony, which had two. It also has a very non-herbaceous peony look...hmmm...oh well-if it blooms and is pretty, who cares! So as far as I'm concerned, Autumn Ridge is my new favorite "broke-ass but still want to buy plants" nursery: great prices and cheap shipping charges, small plants but you get multiples and they already have signs of life, so I can deal with that!


snappy said...

Hi Lisa,thanks for the Orchid link to the Caribbean island garden.It was amazing seeing them all.Even in the Islands they are still orchid mad.
I love plant shopping and buying new plants.You have the mail order down to a fine art.
Did you hear about the guy who moaned about AOL's crappy customer care when he tried to cancel it.He blogged it and it got picked up by all the mainstream media.
Crappy nurserys beware!Better send Lisa decent plants for a good price!

Annie in Austin said...

That's a lot of plants for what you paid, Lisa. I never heard of a Peony 'Gold Crown' - one site says it's a hybrid between tree peony and herbaceous, and that's sure what it looks like in the photo.
I can't grow peonies at all, so the idea of a yellow one makes me double jealous. Good luck with your loot!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

lisa said...

Snappy-yea, I forget how "world wide" the web is sometimes...oh well, I'm being honest about my experiences.

Annie-I was very happy with the value, for sure! And so far, all but the peonies have top growth going. Sorry you can't grow peonies...reminds me of the benefits of my climate when I feel bummed about stuff I can't grow!