Thursday, May 24, 2007

Fragrant I picked some honeysuckle and lilac branches for myself, and boy do they smell nice! The lilacs were planted intentionally, but the honeysucle are both wild volunteers...I feel lucky to have 2 different colors; dark purple and a pink/white combo-cool! I really enjoy "wild surprises", so here's my question:

anybody else have any awesome "surprise plants" yet this year?


KC MO Garden Guy said...

None yet this year but you got a winner there they look so good together and I can just imagine what they smell like.

Annie in Austin said...

My purple iris blooming the first spring was a wonderful surprise - otherwise just a few plants that were supposed to bloom in one color, but turned out to be some other color... not very exciting, but as a result I did have to move things around.

I used to love the honeysuckle/lilac combo in IL, where the birds also seeded Tatarian honeysuckle in several colors.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

lisa said...

KC-I'm surprised you don't have lilac blooms yet in your climate! (Or did you mean you personally have no lilac bushes?)

Annie-funny how colors turn out weird. The largest, light purple lilac in the picture was supposed to be 'Sensation' which is! Birds bring me nice gifts, too-I got some boneset out of nowhere last year, and it's back again now. Another benefit of feeding birds, for sure!

gardenmob said...


how do i contact you?

and a word...dark purple and white (you must be a minnesota vikings fan)


Bob said...

I let my gallery mix lupins reseed each year and their always coming up in different colours. One year yellow and whites, the next purple and coral. Its always a surprise. I love it.

Ki said...

Despite being an invasive plant, I love the scent of honeysuckle. We have large stands of wild rose and honeysuckle together in a park nearby and the smell of those two plants are just wonderful. Great for taking walks in the early morning or late evening.

EAL said...

My totally hidden wisteria--if I couldn't smell it I would swear the vine wasn't flowering.

Anonymous said...

Pretty pretty pretty!
I just planted a lilac yesterday. I hope it does as well as yours.

lisa said...

Barrie-I sent you my email, and I'm no vikings fan, but purple and white is pretty regardless!

Bob-I just love lupines! There's a very colorful bunch blooming in a ditch on my way to work, I'd love to stop and dig them up, but larceny isn'y my thing. ;)

Ki-I didn't realize that honeysuckle is considered invasive! At least it's a good-smelling invasive!

Eal-Wow, how do you hide a wisteria? I hope mine does well, just got it in the ground this year.

Becky-I hope you're patient for those lilacs, cuz' it can sure take awhile to get blooms! Although I've noticed that the mini's and the "Fairytale" series dwarf lilacs bloom while quite small/young.