Monday, May 07, 2007

Saturday snake I'm clearing oak leaves from around my bamboo next to the house, and who do I find? Mr. Red-Bellied snake and he's not happy about it! Although I enjoyed seeing him, I felt bad about disturbing him because it was cool out (50's), and probably all he could do to strike this pose. His eyes looked rather opaque, too, so he needs to shed and cannot see that well.
Although this pic is blurry, you can see how he got his whole body into the display. He stayed like this for several minutes, then finally diasappeared.Later, as I'm walking through the yard to move the sprinkler, I'm startled by this garter snake. After I got over my heebee-jeebe, jeez-you-scared-the-crap-out-of-me willies, I took a couple pictures. The freak-out difference here is I never expected to see another snake in the same day!
Much as I like snakes, I find this face a tad more, um, sinister.....but I'm glad to see wildlife of any kind around the yard, so what the heck!


Gotta Garden said...

You are so brave!!! I am very afraid of snakes!! I would be nearly passed out seeing one, let alone two!

chuck b. said...

Two snakes in one outing!

Snakes are cool. Spiders are demonic, but snakes are cool. Except when they're eating bird eggs in Hawaii where there shouldn't be any snakes.

So many fun snake stories... I remember in high school someone brought a snake to high school biology and passed it around, and somehow it crawled into Darlene's pocket and she was wearing tight jeans... ?! It's true.

My dad is terrified of snakes and I used to hide big rubber snakes around the house in discreet locations... Oh, he got sooo scared. And then mad. And then we'd laugh so hard we cried.

Ki said...

You are lucky to have snakes. I have yet to see one in the 16 years I've lived in NJ. :(

lisa said...

GG-I'm not afraid of snakes, but that garter snake startled me!

Chuck-Hmmm...Darlene wearing tight jeans? Bet that wasn't the only snake trying to work it's way into her pants! (present co. excluded, of course). That's funny how you teased your dad-we did the same thing to my mom! Still could, but she's 74-not cool anymore.

Ki-really? NO snakes?! That's strange...wonder why. I do feel lucky to have all these wild friends...sometimes it seems I'm the groundskeeper at THEIR place!