Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Another plant order arrives...packed in awesome fashion, and downright huge plants! This order came from Forest Farm, and as usual, they sent me great stuff! Their selection is terrific, but shipping can be very expensive. (Although you can see why-no shifting or mangled plants whatsoever!)
This tree is looking cramped, and when I got it out, it was over 4 feet tall! This is gleditsia caspica, Persian Honeylocust...allegedly hardy to zone 6, but I'm giving it a try because locusts in general do very well for me, and I'm stubborn!Look how well they packed the plants! It's nearly a surgical procedure to get them out!
Nice tall boxes, too! So my list of new plants in this shipment is: Korean Barberry, Persian Honeylocust, 'Summer Beauty' Bush Clover, 'Semperflorens' Black Locust, Berberis Prattii, 'Judy' Yellow Trumpet Vine, 'Glauca Pendula' Weeping Blue Wh. Cedar, 3-'Cheyenne' Hardy Privets, and 'Frances' Variegated Elderberry, and ziziphus jujuba- Jujube (I just like saying "ziziphus" :). Yes, I absolutely did get rather carried away ordering plants this year, but they make me happy, and I'm rather self-indulgent ;) . Besides, it's my method of conservation and making my little corner of the planet a good habitat for birds, bees, and the like....so what the heck!


Ki said...

I wanted to grow some bush clover but didn't know what they would look like in the garden. I'd be interested to see photos of yours when they are established. I've ordered from Forest Farms before too but the cost of shipping unless you buy the tubes are too prohibitive especially when I'm on the right coast and they're on the left coast. Getting the plants out was a struggled, snipping the cords sewn through the pots and sides of the box and getting rid of the plant tape and heavy duty staples. It's more exhausting than actually doing the planting. Your jujube sounds interesting. I'll have to look it up. Yikes its a zone 7 tree.

lisa said...

They called jujube zone 6...I tend to be more ambitious than smart, so we'll see! ;) I tried a bush clover from Plant Delights a couple years ago, and it's floundering, but in a bad spot under a tree. I will absolutely post pics when I get this going-in a much better spot! BTW, I do okay with their shipping once I get the "hang" of the cost-friendly combos-gotta get the right mix of gallons and tubes to make it work (I usually order over the phone so they can advise). Size can vary-my privets are HUGE in tubes, and all the gallons are nice!