Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fringed Polygala (polygala paucifolia)....or as I like to call it, "cute-ass wildflower", is coming up in my yard right now. It's my early submission to " Wednesday Bloom Day", and I can claim zero responsibility for it. Sure, I'd buy and try it if I could, but I just love that it's here on it's own!According to my National Audubon Guide, it's a member of the Milkwort family, and legend used to be that nursing mothers and cows would produce more milk if they consumed milkworts. Hmmm....I dunno...these are pretty small...but pretty, nonetheless! They also refer to it as an "orchid-like wildflower"....now that I can agree with!


Layanee said...

Hi there, just found you from Lake Country. Interesting on the fringed polygala. I've never seen one but my mother-in-law thought she had one so I had to look it up. Turns out it was not! What a bright pink. Looks like we share the same addiction except for Miller...I like Corona!

lisa said...

Thanks for stopping by! I like Corona too, I just tend to buy Miller products more often. I used to frequent a pub that had a "100 beers around the world" card-try all 100 and you get a t-shirt! I never filled my card before I moved away, but it's definately an undertaking for the long-term! Beer is just yummy!