Monday, May 07, 2007

Adding water plants...this was a week ago (I'm still sick), never got the chance to blog it. I got these cool water plant baskets at Walmart early in the season (like early March-good thing cuz' there were none left the other day), and they cost only $2 each. Here's the water lily I got from my local conservation district "tree sale", looks like a large pineapple!These are cardinal flowers and duck potato tubers...kinda small, so I planted most together in here, and one of each into old coir planters from last year.
Place them in the tubs.....water's looking pretty murky so far, but the barley extract should clear it up just fine.

I know they don't look like much yet, but like any gardener, I have optimism on my side!


chuck b. said...

Do you have a wildlife management program in place for the water garden?

lisa said...

Oh yes...if I manage to get frogs like last year, I'll be happy! ;) Actually, I had no trouble from raccoons or anything last year, so I've been lulled into a false sense of security. But if they do decide to climb the 3' or so to wreak havoc, I dunno what I'll do (besides cuss). I feel pretty optimistic though, this will be my 3rd year water gardening, and the first one was on my picnic table out by the river, and they could have easily climbed up a chair and made a mess, but they left it alone. My location is so damn cool though, cuz' during the day, fuzzy animals must watch overhead for eagles, and at night, great horned owls keep them on the run. Big birds are ambitious like snakes, animal may be too big to scoop up and carry off, but they'll give it a try anyhow!