Monday, April 23, 2007

Flowers! I have flowers!! Oh happy day! At long last, I get to join my fellow bloggers and post pictures of actual blooms in my actual garden, right now! First, this lovely white crocus... ...and here's our friend hepatica-dainty little blooms, nice!
And some cute red tulips with colorful foliage as well. I should have looked up the name, but it would take some research, since I don't use markers for my bulbs.

Here's another crocus...I really like this bright yellow!
Since the freezing weather seems to be gone, I figured I'd better "uncover the shoulders" of my bearded irises. It helps prevent rot, and seems to encourage better blooming. Now to stop gawking and get busy....


chuck b. said...

Wow, that hepatica is something else. Very cool.

Congratulations on springtime!

lisa said...

Thanks Chuck-I'm pretty jazzed!