Friday, November 03, 2006

Click this for more worm info... this link is to the "Klickitat County Solid Waste" vermicomposting page, these folks gave me my bin design, and this page tells a bit more of how to fill it. Also, I forgot to mention the cost of the worms themselves, $25.00 for one pound of "eisenia fetida" or red wigglers (price includes shipping) from Acme Worm Farm (see previous post for link). One other expense was purchasing a paper shredder, $19.99 for one with a wastebasket attached (from K-mart). So my grand total is $82.95 (plus some tax)...not too bad considering the $100 or so I'd have spent for a commercial bin alone! The cool side effect from this project is that it encourages me to eat more fruits and vegetable in order to have more scraps to feed my worms!


Contrary1 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.......just checked your site out here. You've got me re-enthused about a worm bin here. I have always thought it would be a logical addition here......but have never got around to it. My TO DO list is getting longer than I have time to ever finish!!

Will visit again!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Bravo! Let's here it for the worms! They eat my garbage too.
I'll post about it someday. I am still in the beginning process
they are hard at work.
Bless their souls.

lisa said...

Thanks guys! This is what I love about blogging-finding folks who are excited about some of the same things I am! I will absolutely keep an eye on my new friends so they don't dry out like my first batch did...and it's really satisfying to have "built the farm" all by myself! Corny but awesome how little things can make me so happy!