Thursday, November 02, 2006

Filling the Bin...these pics are likely out of order (I have composition issues with blogger), but here's what I did: first, put moist shredded paper in the bottom. Second, moist moss over that. Third, I put fresh scraps (mostly coffee in filters and cut-up overripe plums) over 1/2 of bedding, and already composted stuff over other 1/2. This was because I had read before that worms like a "bedding area" and a "food area", and it made sense to me. The previously composted stuff was advised by the worm source(Acme Worm Co.) the worms something easy to eat while they work on the fresher stuff. Then step four, I put moistened coir over all of it, then released the worms! I kinda spread them out, but there are as many as it looks like! It was fun to watch them "run" gleefully into their new I left the lid off until they all nearly disappeared. Then "nighty-night"!


Blackswamp_Girl said...

*sigh* I'm so jealous of your new pets!!! I feel your pain on the composition issues with pictures and blogger. I try to figure out which pic I'll want to be last, but when I'm in an editing mood or just writing spontaneously, there's a whole lot of biting my lip so I don't curse!

lisa said...

Yea, blogger can certainly be frustrating at times! Recently, my blog started putting all my pictures way below my archives/links lists...WTF?! I tried looking in how-to and FAQ sections, but I just got a headache! Tried to contact them, but it only let me submit a general message...bummer! Now, as for my new pets-you should get some too! I mean, if I can make that bin, ANYBODY could!! For once, I managed to complete a project with only slight bloodshed (didn't even need a bandaid), and I only cussed once! ;)