Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Garden Harvests Continue

This is the time of year that the garden is really producing, and frankly I couldn't be happier to be so busy with it! This herb is my favorite of the season, basil 'Pistou'....the leaves keep this tidy form, even as they grow back after shearing. (Plus the flavor is terrific!) Tomatoes, eggplant 'Fairytale', beans, spaghetti squash 'Small Wonder', and cucumber 'Crystal Apple'.

Summer squash 'Cocozelle' grows on nice bushing plants, and produces LOTS of fruit!
Plenty of herbs are contributing to my harvest: sage, tarragon, greek oregano, thyme, seedling pea, basil and cilantro.

Greens, more spaghetti squash, beans, peppers...

....spinach and swiss chard from my "hot" grill garden.
'Crystal Apple' cuke, snow pea 'Alaska', and bean 'Royalty Purple Pod'.
And just recently my pepper harvest has really exploded!

This is shaping up to be my yummiest season ever!


Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Wow, Lisa, look at all your veggies! My tomatoes are few and far between but I have a ton of eggplant buds now! :) And the second sowing of your carrots are ready to be transplanted (no more seedling abuse!).

lisa said...

Wow, I don't feel so behind hearing that! I would have imagined you farther ahead of me being that much farther south. Hooray for carrots! The two varieties I planted this year aren't doing nearly as well as the 'Little Finger' I grew last year :(

Anonymous said...

Very, very nice! Lots of good stuff from a fairly small space.
Well done!
I want to try that basil, it's too cute! Is it tasty?

lisa said...

Thank you! The basil is VERY tasty, best I've ever had (especially for cooking-the leaves are so tiny you don't even have to cut them up!)