Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Composting Technique

So I joined an online forum called Wildlife Gardeners , and there was a post about making your own "Bokashi Buckets". Has anyone else ever heard of this? Evidently it's a type of indoor composter that uses anerobic methods to compost your scraps on a smaller scale. I don't think I'll try this, since I have my worm bin and room for outdoor composters (I have two, actually). But it sounds interesting....more about it here. What do you guys think?


Monica the Garden Faerie said...

I have a little sealed container indoors in which I gather kitchen scraps, and take them out to the larger bin later. But my latest score? Liquid and spent grain leftover from home beer brewers--it's a great compost starter! Am picking up my first load Saturday evening and will post photos! :)

chuck b. said...

I seem to remember that anaerobic is not good--first it smells bad, and second you end up with less nitrogen (because the nitrogen goes in to making bad smells instead). But I haven't clicked the link to hear the other side.

I'm going to temporarily remove my compost bin while I re-grade the area it sits on. But I'm a little bit worried that once it's been removed I won't ever want it back. Because I'll have more room to plant stuff, and that seems to be an obsession.


lisa said...

Monica-Great score! I heard that grain will accelerate composting, even "cheap" dog food with lots of grain in it can be used. I have some stuff that pantry moths invaded to add to my composter this weekend, it should get the compost season off to a nice start!

Chuck-That's kinda what I thought, too. Maybe if you remove your big bin, a smaller-scale method like the one they describe would work well for you....then you get the best of both composting and more room in the garden. The commercial worm bins are made to take up less space too.