Saturday, June 07, 2008

My Indiana home....well, first we have to pass this place to get there. I sure don't mind though, I like Chicago just fine!Anyhow, when we get there, the first thing I notice is how humongous the trees at my mom's are! (Exactly how long have I been gone?!) Matt's inspecting his old swingset...looks like something's amiss...or this is an attempt to create a "Rambo-style" jungle scene.......uh, yea. To take a swing on that, you'll need a cup! These are persimmon trees suckering like there's no tomorrow......and her iris looks happy too.This is looking toward the back of the property. I used to love this time of night, when the sky is so light but the land is dark. It looks really cool from a two-seater airplane! (Thanks D.L.! ;-)These ostrich ferns seem to be trying to prop the old shed up. Mom has clay soil which holds a lot of water...fern paradise!Storm front whizzing past to reek havoc elsewhere...thanks!This rose standard is huge! (Like 7 feet tall.)

Nice roses, too!
Her "snowball bush" is blooming like crazy. I always loved this thing as a kid, you can play with the bloom clusters like softballs, snowballs, whatever.

Like I said, fern kept saying that she needs to "clean this up", but I think it looks terrific! All the hostas and sweet woodruff and bishop's weed, blending together in drifts...
...after all, this 'Sum and Subtance' can hold its' own... ...I mean, what's not to like?
I thought these were tall garden phlox, though it's too early for them to be blooming, even in Indiana. Mom says they're some kind of wildflower...
...but they look like tall garden phlox, and smell like them too!

This peony is huge, beautiful, and sweet-smelling.....
....but this woodchuck hole-not!
The virginia bluebells are unmistakeable though...very nice!
Exhausting drive, but well worth it!


Cinj said...

Wow, that's quite a drive. I haven't taken the drive to Ohio to visit my sister yet. She's "only" lived there for about 6 years? YIKES!

I'm glad you're finding the trip worth while.

Annie in Austin said...

Lisa, it's so cool to see your Indiana home! The ferny hosta bed is so beautiful! Looks like there might be pulmonaria and wild geranium in there too.
I think your fragrant wild flower is Dame's Rocket/Hesperas matronalis, an escapee from oldfashioned gardens. It used to make the air scented along a bike trail in Illinois.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

chuck b. said...

Clean it up? No way!

Jenn said...

Matt looks great! How's he been? We miss him lots!!!

lisa said...

Thanks to everyone leaving comments! My presence here will likely be spotty all summer, so I apologize for "sleeping on the blog" and not replying sooner!

Cinj-Oh man, Ohio from where you are would be what, like 10 hours? Yikes! Heh, that much driving seems "worth it" after the fact, for sure! :)

Annie-Thanks for the link! I bet that IS dame's rocket...I didn't know it came in different colors like that. (I should have brought some back with me!;-) You have a good eye, there ARE pulmonaria and geranium in her mix.

Chuck-RIGHT? Thank you!

Jenn-He's doing well, you guys should visit him! :)