Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Houseplants enjoy spring, too....especially if I treat them right! Like this poinsettia that I got over Christmas. It's all I have for a Bloom Day "bloom", making this my most "barren" Bloom Day ever! Anyway, these usually look ratty in no time for me, but this year I decided to handle it differently. I was reading somewhere that these plants can be marginals near a water feature, so I figured it may be happier staying wet in the house........absolutely! This was taken just a few days ago, and I've never had a poinsettia look this good so long after Christmas!As for my previously rotted butterwort, not so much. Time to give up on this one, I think. Signs of growth from the Christmas cactus Vonne sent me....
.....and the bulbs she sent are doing okay, too....
....as for the blue mistflower , looks happy, no?
Another carnivorous casualty...ah well, live and learn!
But this flytrap is coming around very nicely...
.....even growing new traps!
The wax plant and kalanchoe from Vonne are still alive, too....

....as well as my Ebay cacti... ....uh-oh! My poor nepenthes looks like a goner!
But I trimmed it up and put it in a sunny window, just in case there's a miracle forthcoming!
I'm concerned about a couple of these echeveria...it kinda looks like they're "bolting" or something....too much water, I think.
At least this one looks okay! More growth on a Vonne Christmas cactus...
....and this sundew is really going nuts! Yay!
Doing so well it's getting leggy leaning towards the light.
Looks like a problem with my "Baby Toes", or fenestraria...I think it may be too much water. I read someplace that they will do this if overwatered. So I'll let it dry some and see what happens.
At least the lithops look reasonably happy!

So why am I blabbing on and on about houseplants? My weather still sucks (improving just today, since I'm at work), my vertigo is still getting the best of me, and I already had these pics uploaded. So I guess you could say I'm "phoning it in"...hopefully I'll get back in the game soon!


Carol said...

I can't believe you still don't have blooms outside! But your poinsettia does look very good for this time of year.
Thanks for joining in for bloom day.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Rurality said...

My butterwort is starting to look, umm, not as happy as it was. Picky little things, huh?!

lisa said...

Me either! Last spring we had a strange early warmup, with temps in the high 70's in March, so bulbs were well on their way by this time. I guess the upshot is that no flowers will be damaged by a late freeze...unless it happens in May!

Annie in Austin said...

Lisa, you have quite a conservatory going there! I'm sorry you lost a few but the poinsettia looks great and the blue mist flower should be wonderful. I grew that one in IL and another species [gregii] down here... such a great butterfly plant.
I must have looked at Lithops in catalogs for 30 years and always thought they were cool, but you're actually growing them!
Sure hope spring comes to you soon,

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

lisa said...

Vonne told me the mistflower was a butterfly magnet...cool! I'm so glad the lithops are happy, I really like them. Our temps were in the high 50's yesterday, and 60's today...I think we finally really turned the seasonal corner! Yay!

lisa said...

Oops Karen! Your comment slipped in while I was surfing around...sorry. Yea, my butterwort died rather quickly, but I'll try another one eventually!

vonne said...

Yep! I'd say that mistflower looks very happy! :)
So do all the other plants I sent you. Yay!

Good job with the poinsettia! Mine is usually 'naked' by this time of year.

Sorry to hear about the butterwort.
But man, that sundew is beautiful!

I've had company until today, but as soon as I get a chance, I'll send pics of the stuff you sent me.

lisa said...

Vonne-Thanks, I'm really glad the mistflower is doing so well. I'm gonna use the seeds, too...heh, if it's invasive then it'll get a head start! ;-) My poinsettias usually go naked quickly, I'm pleased to find a solution. I don't know if I'll try butterwort again, especially since my other carns are doing well. (And they're more interesting.) I'd love to see how the stuff I sent you is doing...looking forward to pics!