Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Life and death in the garden...this time of year I feel lucky to see any signs of life, but they're here! Like this tricolor sage I got from my mom 2 years ago, still alive after several frosts. It does enjoy a southern-exposure microclimate next to the house, but still! Now poor musa basjoo (hardy banana) here is another story....this makes me sad...I sure hope he comes back to life in the spring!
This lamium is still going strong, as well as the plant next to the rooster, cardoon, that I just started from seed this year. It's supposed to get much bigger, but I got it in the ground late. However, it's hardy to zone 5 for Steven at DirtSunRain, so I'm optimistic it will come back and do great! (Or just come back ;-)

This lamium is going strong too, it was "Anne Greenaway", but as you can see, most of it reverted back to a more common color form. I may have been able to prevent this by pinching off the reversion as I found it, but oh well.
Another for the "death" catagory....I'm not sure what happened here, but I can sure venture a guess! Bummer for a blue jay! The "Dragon's Blood" sedum is demonstrating where the name came from....kinda looks like a tiny red rose.
And look at the faint red tinge on the variegated ivy in my window box...nice! I'll keep watering this awhile and see how long it lasts (again in southern exposure and next to the house).
Even this recently planted grass is still growing! Cool, because I have one more planting project to finish! Oh yea, that's right! And in the spirit of the season, this amusing local sign....tell me, do we really need a business to handle this? I thought most peoples' families, or at least in-laws had this task under control!
Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!


kate said...

It's great to see some plants alive - my garden is frozen solid and covered in snow. That sign is hilarious ... I agree with you - most families do have this under control.

Happy Thanksgiving!

lisa said...

Thanks Kate! I bet my freeze is coming soon...

vonne said...

Oooh...I need that sign! It should hang over the door of my wicked step-mother inlaw's house...heh

Michele said...

It's fun to see what's happening in your yard. I have native Orchard Bees here in Oregon too. I will be bring mine into wash the cocoons soon, believe it or not!! Love your photos!

lisa said...

Vonne-Hahaha! I know a few people who could sport this sign-year round!

Michele-Thank you! I'm always happy to hear people raising bees....the more, the better!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

LOL at that sign!!! :)

I love that little sedum, especially with the little green sedum next to it looking like a shaggy rose stem and leaf. But when I saw your hakonechloa, I literally said, "OOH! She's going to love that grass!" (Okay, maybe you will and maybe you won't... but I definitely do! lol.)

Weird that your "Anne Greenaway" reverted like that. I had parts of mine revert, but it was to a yellow leaf with a silver streak--not a green one. I kinda like the yellow better, so I left mine.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

That's a fun sign, Lisa.

My tricolour sage is doing great too eventhough we had 5 nights of frost. If you wrap your banana in straw it will have a better chance to survive the winter. The *hardy* part is a bit relative and you need to protect it a bit. ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving!

lisa said...

Kim-Oh yea, I already love that grass! And sedums...well I just like to collect them, the more, the better! I have the yellow lamium also, and it seems to be a more stable color form, but again, I just like to have a collection going! ;-) I have "Herman's Pride" that will be moved to a better spot in spring...maybe with these guys. That sign just cracks me up everytime I see it, like the ones David Letterman used to feature on his show many years ago. In fact, my college (and high school) boyfriend was going to IN State in Terre Haute, which was home of the "Chesty Potato Chip" company. (Really!) They had a sign in their parking lot that read: "Parking for Chesty customers only", and I always wanted to send a picture of it to the show! Funny, back then I would not have been able to park there, but I sure could now! ;-)

Yolanda-Thank you for the banana advice! I need all the help I can get, as this is my first year growing it. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

EAL said...

Yes, the lamium reversion is a issue for me. The reversion type is very aggressive too, even more than lamium usually is. I have it coming up everywhere.

Kerri said...

Hi Lisa, I popped over from Snappy's blog to see your Christmas Cactus (both beautiful colors!) and have been browsing and enjoying your posts.
Good idea with the homeless lilies. I bet it'll work fine. We've planted them in the veggie garden to overwinter in the past when we didn't have a home ready for them. But I see you don't have a VG because of the local critters. We try to plant enough for them and us too (no fence!):)
I had a good chuckle over the sign. Don't we all have an 'irregular' person in our family? (unfortunately).
It's nice to go our and see what's still alive. My garden is looking very drab at this point, but like yours, there's still a bit of life.

lisa said...

EAL-I figured I wasn't alone in this reversion issue, but so far none of these are too aggressive.

Kerri-Thank you for coming by...Snappy has so many cool plants in his house, I'm no match for sure! My garden is fast becoming more drab, but it's to be expected this time of year, I guess!