Monday, November 05, 2007

Bulb-mania comes to a close...and not a moment too soon, as our first snow is in the forecast! First to consult the trusty garden log book to recall the colors I'm combining. I like to decorate my composition book a bit so it looks more like a garden book. (Yes I am aware of my strangeness, just not worried about it ;-) Anyhow.......first a "red mix" to surround a garden of prickly plants guarding a break in my privacy fence. The thorny stuff is to help "train" my rude neighbors and their dogs-very effective! This area will be 41 tulips, reds, whites, and red/white striped.First to rake away the leaves... ....while digging, I found these charred bits about 6" down. Maybe some American Indians camped here, and I'll find other artifacts, too. (Or maybe some deer hunter had a campfire a lot more recently.) Ah well, I can enjoy the story in my head.Next a "white mix" around a corner of my shade garden by the "mushroom stump" . This will be a mix of 20 White Passion Blend tulips , four white daffodils, and 15 snowdrops (both single and double).
Dug the big holes with the step-on planter, and the snowdrops will be dibbled in. The green plastic things are hose guides, may as well move them now too. Amendment procedure for both these planting is organic fertilizer in the hole atop 3/4 of the fill, then finish filling and firm in. I did top-dress the snowdrops, too...but only after all the dirt was in. No supplemental water just yet...
....these cotton-candy pink clouds are toting snow soon according to the weatherman. Bring it on, because my bulbs are ready!


vonne said...

Crap! You're getting snow!? Better dig those lily holes now... :>\
Okay, so now I want to decorate MY garden journal... Miss Dorothy.
Have you read Wicked? It tells the story from the wicked witch's point of view.
Your yard is gonna be rockin' come spring! Love the color combo's.

Vanillalotus said...

I hope your screening the neighbors and dog plant will work. I just can't wait to see all your bulbs when they are grown. I just know it will be beautiful. Are you excited for the snow?

lisa said...

Vonne-Yea, the ground will be frozen before I know it! I'd heard of that book written by the witch, but not read it. Spring will be very colorful, I hope!

Vanillalotus-My prickly plants already help a lot...even an untrained dog running loose does not like barberries and blackberries (nor do the people). As for the snow, well I wouldn't say I'm excited, but I always enjoy it when it's here.

Annie in Austin said...

These bulb posts all work together as a planting saga, Lisa - satisfying work for you and vicarious fun for the rest of us!

Are you lining up some interesting projects for winter, while the bulbs make roots and get ready for spring?

The Barberry dog-defying hedge made me laugh! Some other bloggers like Jodi and Hank are showing blooms and talking up the beauties of Barberry, but you use its main component, those wicked thorns, in a practical way instead!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

lisa said...

Annie-Bulb planting has been very satisfying for me! Winter projects? Heh...always! I saw Hank's barberry post, and added some pics of my own. Someone posted one with a purple, holly-looking leaf...I need to find out the name of that cultivar for sure! In the past few years, I have become something of a "thorn expert"-researcing EVERYTHING with thorns that I can grow up here. I even found a thorny vine, smilax hispida...I figure why not get a variety going, so my barrier fills in quicker. The upshot of all the thorns is wildlife benefit, both for cover and food, since many bear fruit.

Ki said...

How many bulbs did you end up planting? We'll see some spectacular picture in spring.

lisa said...

Ki-The grand totals are as follows:

284 tulips
65 muscari
43 snow glories
15 snow drops
15 dwarf iris
12 pink buttercups
5 species tulips
4 daffodols
3 hyacinths
Fingers crossed at least most come up...I can't wait to see it!

chuck b. said...

I find little burnt up looking bits of crap in my dirt too! Sometimes it seems kinda more rocky than woody. I don't know what the heck it is.