Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wicked early summer storms...along with the aformentioned rain, came some tornados... ...I'm not really a "rubbernecker", but I was surprised by the downed trees and damage...
....this was 3-4 days after, I guess most was cleaned up! Sorry pics aren't better, but I felt funny taking them at all, and it seemed disrespectful to stop and get a closeup.

Then while driving, I came upon this sign....please tell me this intersects with a road named "Schpit"...hahahahaha.....oh....I kill me.......and now the sun is back-almost with a vengence! Above normal temps all this week with no rain in sight! Guess the sprinkler's making a comeback.


Gotta Garden said...

Wow. It makes your stomach tug, doesn't it, to see the damage. I'm glad you're okay!

Btw, you ARE funny! I'm laughing!

lisa said...

Thanks GG, I'm pretty lucky because there was damage all around me but I didn't even have anything blown around the yard.