Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I'm baaack....finally returning to the blogosphere after a few days. It started out nicely enough...I had a 4-day weekend and figured to get a lot done outdoors. I can't really blog at home since my computer's a dinosaur, but I figured once I got back to work then posts would ensue. Then Monday morning I awoke with the worst sore throat I've had since my tonsillectomy (at age 36), along with weakness, fever, chills...y'know....the fun stuff! So I slept most of that day, drug myself to work yesterday (should not have), and felt barely able to do my job. Today, well...let's just say I'm trying to stay distracted and will myself healthy.

So here's some blooms from around the yard...guess you could call it a "Wednesday bloom day" contribution....these little tulips are nice, and I like the way the petals flare back after awhile. Pasque flower....just got this locally last year, and I'm so glad it came back! (I've killed this twice before).
Trillium...I love the way they colonize...I can almost divide and relocate some, but I'll research it first to see when and how, so I don't have big losses.
Here we have the extent of my fabulous forsythia you say "bogus bush relocation program"?! This variety did come from my mom in zone 5, so I'm sure if I bought something more cold hardy the I'd get better results...
...and finally, my Bloodroot came back! Yay! Got this from my mom last year as it was dying back, so I was worried, but no need! Hardy wildflowers are the bomb!


Annie in Austin said...

In IL we also had the problem of winterkilled buds on the Forsythia, although the plants themselves lived. The line seemed to be about -14ยบ F on the forsythias I got from my dad.

That's a nice assortment of wildflowers, Lisa!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

chuck b. said...

I hope you feel better soon--those fantastic flowers should help!

I need to prioritize Trillium on my list of things to try.

lisa said...

Annie-thanks, I sure like my wildflowers! I'm trying to grow as many as possible, especially the more rare/endangered ones. I found a forsythia in a catalog somewhere that was hardy to zone 3-maybe THAT one would bloom for me.

Chuck-I'm not sure if trillium need a cold/freeze period, but if you can grow them, it's easy to get hooked! Thanks for the get well sentiment...I'm here again today but feeling even worse :(

chuck b. said...

We have a variety of native Trillium in CA, so whatever they need, we've got it.

By now, I hope you're feeling better!