Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Worm bin recheck...
when we last visited our wormy friends, I'd just fed them with my own "fattening mix", so time to see what's going on, and to check for excessive heat generation which I'm told can occur with the addition of grains. Open the bin to find this guy cruising the wall-"Hey dude, too hot?" So I dug around to find that several larger worms had migrated up to the feed layer-sweet! Temperature seems fine, too. Dug aound some more....looks like we have a dry layer here. So I thoroughly mixed the top 4 inches or the overall moisture level seems good, so no need to spray water. Checked the bottom bin for moisture...fair amount of "leachate" here, but no drowning/swimming worms-excellent! So I'm saving this liquid to pour on my designated houseplant to see if there seems to be any benefit. (From the looks of the plant, this liquid causes no harm thus far.) Closed the bin...til' next time fellas!

1 comment:

Marc said...

I love your worm bin! I still haven't started one. My daughter gave up on me and got an ant farm.

I haven't changed my mind. I will be getting a worm bin - soon.

Glad to see that yours is doing well.