Monday, March 19, 2007

Bonsai update...and the news is not good. It seems that my new project may be close to it's first casualties. The serissa got knocked over, and still looks very upset 3 weeks later (internal injuries?). The juniper may look okay, but a lot of the foliage is quite crispy-bummer! Then I realized that I'd been ignoring the special watering method for bonsai that I read about in the first place! You're supposed to sit the pot in a container of water, covering the dirt, for up to 30 minutes! Then you let it drain... I'd been watering them like regular houseplants-d'oh! So here's serissa enjoying a soak...sure hope it's not too late!

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snappy said...

Hi Lisa,I had two bonsai tree's i bought from a stall in Castleford market with growing instructions.Within a month they were both sticks in mud!!Every leaf had dropped off.So ended my Bonsai trees.Better luck with yours!
How is it whenve you have a delicate plant or flower you manage to drop it/ squash it/stand on it, i do!