Friday, March 30, 2007

More signs of Spring...along the road on my way home yesterday, I spotted the wild willows beginning to be covered with, um...blooms. I don't have a pussy willow in my yard, but I like to stop and collect branches from these. Kinda cool how the bright red and yellow branches bloom the same...they look pretty in a vase together.

Then I get home, and who's popping out of the ground?
My old friend Lamium-growing like a rock star! It was one of the last to die back, too...I bet it's fairly evergreen in milder climates. I heard a redwing blackbird the other day, and Monday when it was so warm-I actually got bitten by a mosquito! (How the hell do they wake up so fast, anyway?!) The change of seasons is so just amazes me every year!


Anonymous said...

"Growing like a rock star"
i love it!

Happy Spring!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Ooh.. I love those willows!

You're right about the lamium--my 'Anniversary' looked the same after the snow melted. Come to think of it, some silver type in the house I walk past on the corner is always peeking under their fence year-round, too.

lisa said...

Thanks Rebecca, Happy Spring to you too!

Kim-I originally wanted to line my driveway with alternating red and yellow willow bushes, but it's much too shady. I wound up using hostas instead, and frankly, I like it better!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

I came back to say that I can't stop giggling about "growing like a rock star!" I was thinking about it every time I noticed something growing gangbusters in my yard this weekend. :)

lisa said...

I'm glad somebody has gangbusters! I have timid peeking growth...good thing too, we are supposed to get snow again! Likely my fault for all the whining I did when we didn't have enough a couple months ago...bummer!