Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Forget Spring-how about a quick blast of summer?! Record highs in the upper 70's yesterday...felt kinda weird, but I'll take it! When I got home, new growth was everywhere...bulbs, "Surprise Lily" (my mom calls them naked ladies, cuz' the blooms come up "naked" without the foliage)...even this potted Leatherwood fern is awake. I was tempted to uncover more garden areas out in the yard, but I know we'll get more cold weather...so I tried burning some brush instead.

I love campfires...reminds me of childhood camping trips. Ever have the smoke seem to "follow" you around the fire pit, no matter where you sit...then some comedian pipes up, "You know, the smoke always follows the asshole"....um...right.....too wet to burn I guess. Oh well, the sunset was nice!


chuck b. said...

I love naked ladies! Naked ladies are so beautiful. I keep several naked ladies in my backyard. Some years I have more naked ladies than I can handle, so I give some of my extra naked ladies to friends.

lisa said...

Wow....sounds like you Californinans sure know how to party! ; ) My friend Jenny says "naked" is her favorite word (her husband says otherwise)...does sound cool the more you say it...naked, naked, naked....ha!