Sunday, February 04, 2007

Lust...of the seven deadly sins, it is my favorite, and the one I find myself most vulnurable to. Wikipedia has this to say and while I agree that lust isn't always sexual, it sure was for me this past week at work! We had a "substitute co-worker"....and for some reason, he drives me wild! Not really the sort of man that most women would swoon over, but he's very intelligent (which is mostly always very hot) while I try to listen politely, it's all I can do to resist the urge to shove him against the wall and feel him up big-time! *Sigh*.....but alas, he is married (although he's made a point of stating he's unhappily wed), and it is my policy to leave married men to their misery until and unless they actually become single. (Besides, what the hell do I want with a liar/cheat in my life!) Sure is fun to fantasize, though...helps me stay warm in this bitter cold weather... ;) ;) ;)