Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Divine intervention...okay, I'm not really going to try religion as a topic, but I'm happy to say that something cool has affected my water garden plans! Before I could spend $20-$30 each for water lillies (not to mention marginals), along came a letter from the Menominee Michigan Conservation District
to advertise their "2007 Tree Sale". Guess what else they're selling? Water plants!! And for a lot less than the catalogs/websites I've visited! All plants pictured here are being offered...Duck Potato(Sagittara latifolia), Wild Calla(Calla palustris), White Water Lily(Nymphaea spp.), Red Cardinal Flower(Lobelia cardinalis), and Yellow Water Lily/Spatterdock(Nuphar advena). They also have Blue Water Iris(Iris versicolor) and American Lotus(Nelumbo lutea), but I already have the iris, and I'm told the lotus gets huge(not suited to tub culture). So if anyone else in the blogosphere wants to try some lower-priced water plants, check with your local Conservation District! I also got to thinking...what about trades or lower-cost stuff from other gardeners? The online forums have "plant swap" sections...I like the Garden Web http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/ But there are others, too. Hey, maybe we can all fulfill most of our "spring garden dreams" without "breaking the bank"!

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Stuart said...

Great shopping tip, Lisa. I wouldn't mind a few of them in my garden either.