Sunday, December 31, 2006

Land of Confusion...I took my son and his girlfriend to a metal concert for Christmas, and the band Disturbed sang their version of that Phil Collins song. (It was awesome, and the only song I knew all the words to-guess I'm officially "old"). This title describes my garden as well. If you want signs of winter you have to look hard, and they are positioned right next to signs of spring....not exactly happy to see this much green in December...odd for a gardener I suppose. I just can't help but feel this global warming is a real bummer!


Blackswamp_Girl said...

I think we can blame El Nino more than global warming this year! I just made a similar post--was outside mulching yesterday and found all kinds of confused plants. Japanese anemones and sedums that are throwing up leaf shoots from their bases, etc. Yikes.

By the way, the little goldfish below is way cute. Better keep him away from the bonsai warrior--I bet that BW would like a nice fish dinner! ;)

Phelan said...

It's intersting to hear how different areas are having an odd winter. It's been normal here.

My husband and I think Disturbed did a very good job covering that song. I was impressed the first time I heard it.

lisa said...

Kim-I bet we get a jan. blizzard that will make me want to eat my words!

Phelan-I really enjoyed the was billed locally as "Nightmare Before Christmas", and featured Flyleaf, Nonpoint, Stone Sour, and Disturbed. I wore earplugs (another sign of my age), and I could still hear just fine (general admission, we were 1st row up from the floor). And really, not knowing many lyrics is more a sign of how big/dedicated a fan is, not how old. I do love metal in general, but I'm not as inclined to "buy the album and memorize the lyrics" like I used to when they WERE albums!

chuck b. said...

If it makes anyone feel better about the earth, we're having a normal, cold winter in California. And I hate it! Give me some global warming too! Or some Nino. Whatever. I'm not proud.

At least I can say my area's had 118% of it's normal rainfall. That is, we're 18% over our normal. Whatever normal is around here.

Ki said...

I'm amazed your hepatica is already up. I planted several last year so hope they'll pop up in spring. One of my favorite wild plants.

lisa said...

Chuck-thanks, that DOES make me feel better!
Ki-I love hepatica, too-the flowers are so cute! I moved this one from the woods at the edge of my yard to this spot, and it's so happy, it sent out babies a couple feet away! I've noticed that it stays mostly evergreen all winter, too. Not sure if it's just this location, or what.