Thursday, December 07, 2006

-10 Wind Chill!! Winter's blasted in, full force too! Very windy and bitter cold...the river's already floating ice chunks. Some people are even talking about ice fishing by the weekend, but I'll wait awhile for sure. I only fish small lakes, but I want the ice a bit thicker. Never would I fish on this river in winter, even though it's conveniently located in my back yard. The current is much too strong,,,open water areas remain in even the coldest weather. Every year up here about a dozen people die falling thru the ice...I'll not be part of that club, thank you! I mean, how preventable is that?!


GP said...

greetings from the fish creek house in montana.. Your weather sounds exactly like what we had a week ago. BRRRRR... especially doing the homesteading chores and riding the horses.

Stay warm
GP in Montana

Leslie said...

So safe! And stay warm...I believe I'd better stop complaining about our temps hovering close to freezing at night!

lisa said...

Thanks! Now they're calling for 40 degrees saturday-weird!