Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Speaking of cool stuff in the woods...this is called "Indian Pipe", and it's considered a wildflower, although it looks like a mushroom or something. The National Audobon Society book calls it a "saprophyic, perennial herb lacking chlorophyll." It goes on to say "the roots of these plants grow in close association with fungi, from which they receive all of their nutrients and water". They call them "indirect parasites". I found these growing not so far from my driveway, initially 2 years ago. They dried up, and did not reappear until this year, in smaller numbers. I wonder if rainfall makes a difference, as last year was a lot drier. I just LOVE this time of year for all the awesome wild things growing and blooming everywhere!


snappy said...

That is cool.The indian pipe, a plant with no chlorophyll.How does it survive?Guess it is like a plant vampire sucking nutrients from host plants.Dracula, ha ha
If its a herb how do you eat it?is it hallucinogenic?

lisa said...

Whoa...won't try to eat it myself, but I LOVE the Dracula reference, hahaha.....!