Monday, July 30, 2007

Random randomness....I'm feeling rather disoriented and spacey lately, a combination of my allergies, and our current weather pattern (we're back on "bake")...but I'm coherent enough to realize I've been going on about the local wildlife so much, some folks may wonder if I'm still gardening! Very much so, but lately it's mostly wander and water. So here are some random plants to remind everyone (myself included) why I'm's about we start off with a nice little daylily kiss? Pucker up, baby...*smack*!Nice pink blooms from Rubus odoratus, or pink-flowered thimbleberry. They look like big raspberries, but have a unique flavor, kinda strawberry-ish. I came across these vacationing in Michigan's Upper Peninsula several years ago, and of course had to get one (or two). And here's hydrangea 'Little Lamb'...blooming in it's very first year........and beginning to show a pink blush that I'm hoping the flowers fade to as they mature. Thanks to Song Sparrow for hooking me up so well!

Now this area may look too weedy to some, but I like it. Ostrich fern, bee balm, and birdsfoot trefoil-wild yet pretty.

Here are two of three ligularia, 'The Rocket'.....

....and 'Japonica'...both have similar flowers, unlike 'Desdomona', which has daisy-like blooms, as well as much different leaves.
And this is a close-up of some of the flowers....Here we have daylily 'Mary Todd', a healthy lass, to be sure!

Clematis, 'My Angel' just getting started. The seed heads are very pretty, too.
This daylily is called 'Lisa My Joy'.....I am not a narcissist! (Or was that narcissus? Whatever.)
Volunteer black-eyed susan amongst the about contrast!

Flowers in the window boxes are coming along nicely, as is the porcelain vine on the house. It get fake-looking blue berries in the fall....very cool.

A nice great blue lobelia coming up from wild collected seed last fall-hooray!

This daylily I've had a long time, and cannot remember the name....
...but planted next to this one (also unk.) it has a nice contrast!
Nice annual geranium going strong! Look at these three cuties! Volunteers in a potted 'Flame Grass', I like volunteers!
I even like my flowers at night! So there it is, the flowers, all the flowers, and nothing but the flowers.....
....oops! Wascally Wabbit!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Froggie what I'm calling today, because I'm still stranded at work (I know, overtime-boo hoo!), and my brain is mush, so no post with, y'know, words and stuff. Enjoy these little slippery buddies, if you can see them all......

Now, on to the weekend! Yabba Dabba Doo!!!

Gravity's a bitch.....and then you fall to the ground with a splat!
Since I couldn't find him after he landed, I'm guessing he's done this before, and had the situation well in hand. Bring a 'chute next time, dude!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Summertime, and cute chicks are this pheasant chick, not acting as wary as she should. Her parents were quick to take cover when I stopped to get this picture though, but I saw them earlier this spring......apparently when they were still "dating". They hang out in the same general area, which I pass daily on the way to work.
Here we have a Ruffed Grouse, they come in my yard for bird seed, too.Her babies look quite similar to the young pheasants, but they were more cautious.The wild turkeys seem to tend to hang in large communal groups with their babies, probably for safety.
Nice group of young-uns, huh?
Guess I lingered too long...time to fly!

Transportation I'm driving along in my 1998 Dodge (with 248,000 miles on it), and I knew it had sounded funky lately, but then as I pulled away from an intersection I hear a loud "thunk"....followed by "ka-whump, ka-whump, ka-whump"! When I exit the vehicle, this is what I see..... I'm no mechanic, but I'm guessing this is not good. So a few minutes later, the "cavalry"/tow truck arrives. And only 6 days, and $1,400.00 later (incl. rental car), I'm back on the road. I'm gettin' 300,000 miles outta this truck yet!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Whitetail salad luncheon...and the rude little wenches didn't even invite me! (Let alone ask permission!) Does she look guilty? Oh yea....but I will admit that it's kinda my fault. I know my enemy, and the Liquid Fence product I use really does work, but I let too many weeks go by between applications, and this is what happened!

See this lovely annual? I dig the variegated leaves, the flowers, very nice...

......not any more!
Here we have hosta "Alleghen Fog".... we have stubble! This is hosta "Lemonade".... the "glass is empty"! This one ("Spritzer", I think) was growing really well...
.....stunted thoroughly, I'd say The hosta to the far right is called "Peedee Laughing River"..........and here it is, definately not laughing!
It's as though they're going for the puns, because this is called "Invincible"...ha!
Now, I don't know who shot this arrow, but do you think I could hire them for deer control?