Monday, November 15, 2010

There's A Dog In My Garden!

It's a Yorkie! This super-fuzzy caterpillar was hanging out in August.......
 ....and when I discovered his ID it all made sense: this fella will turn into a Milkweed Tussock Moth! Looks like I discovered yet another amazing resident of Milkweed City! In this stage of development (the "third instar"), he has the same colors of the monarch butterfly...kind of a theme in their milkweedy habitat.
The adult is this nice silvery grey with black "stockings". The body under those wings still has the flashy coloring, but this one kept it well-hidden. I probably could have gotten a look if I'd jostled him, but I prefer to let them be.... come and go as they please. Hey, I can even tell the front from the back on this one.
See ya next year!