Tuesday, February 08, 2011

BEST. Birdfeeder. EVER.

Awhile back I saw an advertisement for a new birdfeeder that's designed to help keep itself clean. Amazed and intrigued, I contacted  Wild Birds Unlimited to see if they'd be willing to send me one to test drive and review on the blog. And here we go!
The first thing I noticed is how well-constructed it is, with a thick plastic body tube, metal perches, and sturdy metal lid.
The label explains the antimicrobial properties of the tube's plastic-this is a major development in bird feeders as far as I'm concerned!
But then I discovered the best part: the bottom has quick-release buttons so it can be removed every time you refill! Friends, this is huge, because the bottom of the feeder is a constant problem spot for moisture collection and seed spoilage. Not that regular cleaning of a birdfeeder is heavy job, but life gets busy and tasks like that can get overlooked. And I've seen spring rains gunk up feeders pretty quickly some seasons. Man, I can't wait to try this thing out!

And from the quick response of the local bird population....
....neither can they!

Disclaimer: Wild Birds Unlimited gave me this complimentary birdfeeder in exchange for a review. The opinions expressed here are honest and all my own.


meemsnyc said...

This is a really cool bird feeder!!

Anonymous said...

I'm on my way to order a couple of these right now. Thanks for the info! I hate how the gunk gets in the bottom of my feeders. Blech.

lisa said...


V-You certainly won't be disappointed! This is my feeder supplier from now on! :)

troutbirder said...

Interesting concept. I'm into seed catalogues as well. In the end though I'll order from my Seed Savers. Non hybridized and non genetically altered "heritage" seeds are for me. We change the world one person and one small step at a time.

lisa said...

I couldn't agree more-the best way to keep "good" genetics alive in our food supply is one gardener at a time. Hopefully all the seed suppliers will catch on eventually!