Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mystery Product Revealed!

The product I selected from the CSN Stores is.... Aw yea! This is exciting for me, as I have never used one of these cold frames but always wanted to try one. I won't put it together just yet, I need to select and clear a spot. But I'm hoping that this fall, with a little luck, I can have some greens or carrots or whatever you can enjoy during cold weather using one of these things. They shipped it super fast, too! Thank you CSN Stores!!

Disclaimer: CSN Stores gave me this complimentary item in exchange for a review of their stores. The opinions expressed here are honest and all my own.


meemsnyc said...

That is such a cool product! We started a garden this year, so we are always looking for some cool products.
Looking forward to reading the review.

lisa said...

Me too! I want to move a bunch of plants to make a spot next to the house, I think along the southern wall. I'll do some research (and read the instructions) first, since I've never used one before. It would be nice to skip the rookie mistakes part and get to the good results part faster! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ooooooooh..... veeery nice. :)

Mine is made of cinder blocks and an old shower door.
It does sit on the south wall.
We plan on re-building it this fall and making it larger. It's been there for over 15 yrs. and we've 'outgrown' it. Time for a new plan. :)

lisa said...

Wow, yours sounds pretty dang ingenious and sturdy to me! :)

Mr Brown Thumb said...

OOoo! I want to build a cold frame but this looks really cool!

No pun intended, heh.

lisa said...

LOL! I love puns! I keep intending to build one too, but free is better :) I opened the box and the panels are very thick and sturdy, as is the lid. I'm gonna research the heck out of it before I decide on an ideal location, because it will be too much trouble to redo later. Here's hoping I get to eat fresh salad on Thanksgiving!