Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blogging As A Biz-nass

Why do people write blogs? Some for fun, some to keep a record of a hobby, project, family event(s). Many blogs have advertising content, and others are set up to advertise an established business. In the current economic climate I think many people are brainstorming money making ideas, and I am no exception.

Awhile back, I came across a website called Daily Blog Tips that's loaded with excellent advice for maximizing one's internet presence. Since I began my blog purely for fun, many of these concepts were totally new to me...things like domain name selection, keyword optimization, etc.. When I signed up for the website's newsletter, I got to read this very informative and well written eBook that really laid things out in simple terms. As a blogger with very little internet or marketing knowledge, the eBook was an easy read and really got my wheels turning. So if you're considering "getting serious" with your little corner of the web, check out the Daily Blog Tips website. You'll be glad you did! :)

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