Sunday, March 23, 2008

I gone and done it.... nah, I didn't ship the cats out. Giz and Bentley are checking out the box that came for me...

...and helping me open it...'s an Aerogarden!

I'd been cruising Ebay for awhile, trying to get a full-sized Aerogarden for around $100 (they retail for $149 for the standard model), and I finally did it! Included are the instructions and everything... ...Gizmo is certain I'm forgetting something.."What about catnip seeds?""Look, I know you bought this for me where's the catnip seed?"
The more I try and reason with him, the more insistent he is (maybe there was some catnip in this box ;-)

Now I just have to figure out which seeds I want to start in here. It came with an "herb kit", but I also bought the "Master Gardener Deluxe Seed Kit" with a bunch of pods to plant your own seeds in. Decisions, decisions!


Katie said...

Cats are so helpful, aren't they?

Good luck with the Aerogarden.

chuck b. said...

I get lots of help from my cats with all kinds of projects...opening the mail, scrambling eggs, making the bed. They are very helpful cats. Oh, yes.

So you bought the Aerogarden. Okay. Let's see it work. We're all going to be asking you about it every day from now on.

guild-rez said...

I have seen the Aerogarden advertised on TV. Hope you can post a report how it really works and if you are satisfied.
Cats and boxes..
I can tell you many stories about this subject:-))
Have fun with your new indoor garden.
It is snowing in Toronto.

Rurality said...

Our cats are also "helpful" in this manner. :)

Cinj said...

You'll have to let us know how it works! My cats are also very "helpful". You can tell just what they're thinking too. I especially like it when our cats see that we're trying to read so they come over to "help" us relax instead!

vonne said...

I've been wondering about this thing... This should be interesting. :)

Btw, the next times hubs make the comment that he doesn't know anyone that's as "obsessed" as I am... I'm pointing him in YOUR direction. *grin*

Blackswamp_Girl said...

YAY! I was hoping that I'd find another new project from you--and here I find that you're testing out an Aerogarden. Sweet. :)

(By the way, WERE there catnip seeds in the "herb kit?" He looks pretty interested and insistent! lol.

Marion in Savannah said...

OOOOHH, an AeroGarden!!! I've got one in my bedroom that I set up on 1/10/08, with the herb kit that came with it. There are two of us and I've been giving away herbs that I haven't been able to think of ways to use. (Also, neither one of us is particularly fond of cilantro... I think it tastes like soap.) This thing is FABULOUS!!! It's the only way we'll be able to have fresh home-grown lettuce during the summer here, when lettuce bolts in the heat around May or early June. You are going to have SUCH a ball with this! We're trying to figure out where to put another one or two so we can have herbs all the time, tomatoes in the winter, lettuce in the summer... I love my AeroGarden, and I'll bet you'll love yours too. Keep us posted on what you're growing, please!

lisa said...

Katie-Thank you!

Chuck-I'm so excited about my new toy, it's hard to get started! Plus I have to keep it where the cats can't "help" me "adjust" it or anything. I want to fire it up over the coming weekend (waiting for more seeds).

Guild-rez-Oh yes, I will post tons of details and pics as I take them. No surprise you're getting more too. *sigh*

Karen-My cats are "experts" at many things, if only they could convince me to listen. :)

Cinj-Details to come...funny how cats have such impeccable timing!

Vonne-Heh...I'm hoping for interesting as opposed to "expensive disaster"! (After all, "results DO vary" ;-) And you can certainly refer to me as a "bad example" any time you want to appear "not as obsessed"...heh.

Kim-I never found any catnip, I'm guessing now it was the styrofoam peanuts he wanted. (After my son told me to keep him from eating them...oops!)

Marion-Oh boy...I'm both thrilled with your ringing endorsement and frightened that I'll want to buy more of them! Now I better be SURE not to drink and shop on Ebay! ;-)