Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The end of an son and his girlfriend split up, so my favorite sassy puppy, Lady, will not appear on these pages in the future. This really bums me out.......but I don't think my son's two cats are gonna miss the girlfriend's dog at all! Here's Gizmo trying to defend himself with no front claws (he did hold his own quite well)... ....and here's Bentley, enjoying the newfound peace and quiet.
Now Gizmo can relax too, except when he's fulfilling his role as chief sandal-chewer, plant destroyer, and spider killer. He seems to sense that my son is bummed out about the dog though, because he's making an effort to comfort him... ....Gizmo has taken up the art of "fetch"!


He'll go on like that until his mouth is hanging open! Good kitty! Who needs a dog, anyway?


Bob said...

lady is a really cutie. Would love to have a little dog but don't have the time. Wonderful shots. All the best to you and yours for a great 2008.

lisa said...

I can relate, Bob! I'm not home nearly enough to have a dog or cat, but I enjoy my son's pets when I visit him. I miss the dog, but not enough to run out and buy one. Have a great 2008 yourself!!

chuck b. said...

Bye, Lady! Boston Terrier, right? Very expressive eyes.

KC MO Garden Guy said...

Sorry about the split up. If I was single again I wouldn't have time for pets but since there are two of us we manage to get them taken care of.

Hope you have a great 2008!!

lisa said...

Chuck-Boston terrier/pug cross...the eyes got me every time. Good thing for her that the cats were declawed in front, or she'd be blind.

Cliff-My reasoning exactly...if I had a BF or something, then the pet gets enough attention. But when it's just me-no way. Painful to see the "family" split up, much worse if it were children. (But not very much :(

The County Clerk said...

That just blows. I'm so sorry to learn this.

vonne said...

Aww, I'll miss seeing Lady's cute little face. I hope your son is doing okay. Hubs and I use to joke that we stayed together the first 17 years because of the dog. Now we stay together out of habit. heh

OMG, I could totally be buds with Gizmo! Love that big-ass cat! :)
I couldn't make the vidio work though! Bummer...

vonne said...

Oh! I got the vidio to work - it was just my stupid dial-up.
That is too cool! Glen and I were cracking up! Very good kitty! :)

Annie in Austin said...

I hope your son is okay, and that you are, too, Lisa.

This is one part of motherhood that seldom gets mentioned...we do become friends with our children' friends - both everyday and romantic ones. The dog-gone angle is one I never experienced, but have felt a sense of loss when a kid that showed up at the dinner table for years moves on and disappears.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

lisa said...

Hank-Thank you...I made it all about the dog, but my boy misses the girlfriend, too.

Vonne-I'm glad you got to see the video. Giz is a good kitty except with plants (and sandals and spiders) fact, he's chewed up more things than the dog ever did. Heh, that "good kitty" business isn't exactly set in stone. ;-)

Annie-I can relate to that, even before I had kids. Seems like I missed a couple old BF's families more that the guy himself...and I miss quite a few of my son's school chums from when we moved out of Indiana. He seems okay, just still in the "blah", sleeping a lot phase. But he's a trooper, very outgoing and fun, so I'm sure he'll land on his feet and meet someone new eventually. Like my mom says "A woman (man) is like a bus-another one comes along every 15 minutes!" (Heh, as long as it's not loaded with drooling freaks like a lot of city busses, that'll be okay! ;-)

Now, please don't anybody get fired up about that last comment-I've done lots of city bus ridin', and the "drooling freaks" were my favorite people! :)