Friday, December 28, 2007

"Bright moon at night, skier's delight" (Yes, I made that up.) But that rang true Wednesday night into Thursday morning, as this was the scene when I got home from work after dark Wednesday... ....and here's what I had Thursday morning.
I really love snow, especially when everything is still coated, before the wind or sun can knock it off the branches...
....looks like a couple more early birds beat the plow like me-cool! More snow = more traction as far as I'm concerned! (To a point, of course.)
"High snow, high snow, it's off to work I go. I'd rather ski but boss says "no", high snow, oh please don't go! High snow, high snow..." *sigh* *~<{ :-)


Carol said...

I like being the first on my street to drive in the new snow, and make the first tracks, as long as it isn't too deep.

By the way, your lyrics are interesting, but you should keep your day job! LOL

vonne said...

Okay girly, obviously you ain't gettin out enough! heh
I swear, I was about to bust a gut trying not to LOL as hubs was snoring a few feet away at 1am in the morning. :)
Your last 3 posts are keeeeeling me.... hahahohahaheh...snort
btw, the snow shots are gorgeous. Pisses me off, it just keeps passing us on by and heads to your neck of the woods. Sucks, I tell ya. I hear it's gonna miss us at New years too. *sigh*

chuck b. said...

I like the snow at night pictures. Kinda spooky, kinda dangerous. You know, ghosts, wolves, etc.

lisa said...

Carol-Heh...Funny how my musical shortcomings are evident even without the benefit of sound. I'll admit, I couldn't carry a tune in a sealed container! :) But I've always enjoyed limericks, and remember "Mad Libs"? Used to LOVE those things!

Vonne-Hey, I'm willing to share some snow! All I need is some styrofoam containers and dry ice (okay, maybe not). Guilty as charged, BTW...I do not get out much! ;-)

Chuck-It IS kinda spooky! Bats are still out, as well as flying squirrels, owls, coyoties, and the wolves you mentioned. Night time around here is not at all quiet, but I'll take the "wild noises" over human voices, planes, or ambulances any time!

Rurality said...

That'd be enough snow to shut down Alabama for a week! :)

lisa said...

Karen-Heh, no doubt! Amazing how it seems that even the people who should be used to this weather just aren't, especially early in the year.