Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Blogger's Bloom Day (2 days late)...so I'm posting a zillion pictures to compensate! (Actually, I just like pictures.) As for late, heck-it's my middle name! When I was a senior in high school, my second hour biology teacher used to call me "diller a dollar, the ten o'clock scholar" because I was routinely late for his class (and I didn't have a first hour class at all!)...little did he know that I was usually late from visiting my older boyfriend after his parents left for work! *ahem*! Anyhow, on with my late Bloom Day! First, an unlabeled dianthus just bought a couple weeks ago... ..."Neon Flash" spirea...
..."Happy Returns" daylily....
...my maroon hen and chicks....
...and the "Cobweb" hen and chicks...the blooms actually darken as they age-nice!
"Little Lamb" hydrangea that I just planted this year...not too shabby!
Daylily...I forget which one (sorry)...I noticed that several of my daylily flowers have these weird faded white spots on them...?
Another daylily with no specific name. Some of these I've had several years, from a time when I didn't keep track of cultivar names. Now it bugs me not to know!
My daylilies are in their glory right now, for sure!
This beauty was a volunteer! I'm volunteering to enjoy the heck out of it!

Bought this just this past spring, and it was called "Red Mini Hollyhock"....um...how about pink?
Another unidentified daylily, whose blooms pack some "large beauty"........into a teeny flower! Very cute!
Even my houseplant is getting into the spirit!
Some astillibe...I moved it last year from some punishing dry shade, and it's much happier!

Another daylily, "Autumn something"...*sigh*...someday I'll have a better computer at home so I can post from there, and just run outside and look at the tag! ("Autumn Red" is the name-I remembered to check!)

Ahhh, but this one I know-"Spacecoast Starburst"...love the rrruffles!
Salvia "tea"....(y'know, cuz' it's in a teapot)...yea...not funny....but I do like salvia, even if it's a tad redundent/common/etc. as an annual. I think it's so popular for the non-stop blooms and hummingbird attraction, which are my main reasons for planting it every year!
Wildflowers....I have lots of these miscellaneous asters (I'm pretty sure)...even cute pink ones.
This one is "Rose Crush", one of my favorite pink daylilies!
And so there you have it-another Bloom Day under our belts! Bloom on!


Yolanda Elizabet said...

Well Lisa, you may be a bit late but you've got a lot of blooms!!! Love that ruffled Daylily, what an unusual colour too. I thought the Salvia in the teapot was kinda cute. ;-)

BTW my blooms are up too!

Annie in Austin said...

I love how you drop these little teasers about your past into the mulch around your flower photos... oh well, at least you were a senior!

Nice stuff here, Lisa - the maroon hens and chicks flowers are other-world looking. You have a lot of nice daylilies. I've never seen one so petite.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Carol said...

I say 'better late than not at all'. You have a lot blooming right now, for sure. Thanks for participating in Garden Blogges' Bloom Day!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

chuck b. said...

I must be the only garden blogger without daylilies. I had no idea day lilies were so popular!

Entangled said...

That teeny tiny daylily is so cute!

I don't think I've ever seen hens-and-chicks flower. I have trouble growing those for some reason. I'm blaming it on the clay soil.

lisa said...

Yolanda-Thank you! Your blooms are just amazing...and the veggies! Wow.

Annie-Heh...yea, I was kind of a bad girl in high school, at least as far as my BF's parents were concerned! But we dated over 6 years, and it's a toss-up as to who corrupted whom! ;-) I wish I knew the name of that teeny daylily, it's one of my fav's.

Chuck-I think daylilies are a Midwest "staple" plant, but they sure grow in lots of different climates. Do you see any in your neighborhood? I can't say that I recall seeing any on your walks, now that I think of it. Maybe they're considered mundane, since you can grow so many other plants.

Entangled-I bet the clay soil IS the problem, cuz' my mom has clay, and she had to make a big layer of sand and rocks for hers to keep from rotting.

Ki said...

The hen and chicks flowers are interesting and beautiful. We just bought some cobweb h&c in a dollar sale. Seeing the flowers on your plant, I'm glad I did. How large a yard do you have?! With all the different plants you have it must be at least an acre.

chuck b. said...

I doubt if anyone here would think daylilies are mundane; you don't see them anywhere. I've never even seen them for sale in a nurser, so I don't know what the deal is.

lisa said...

Ki-You're really gonna enjoy that "Cobweb" hen and chicks...it's my favorite, for sure! My lot is actually only .6 acre, but I'm such a plant addict that I pack in all the plants I can afford! (And there's still room for more!)

Chuck-Wow, that really blows my mind! I just presumed that daylilies were grown EVERYWHERE...I wonder if they need a winter cold period or something? Well, if you ever want to try them, I'd be happy to send you a division from a couple...just let me know!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am definitely happy to find this. great job!