Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Well then I figured that I'd might as well feed them since I have the bin opened. So I thawed a bag of scraps that I'd previously frozen (this speeds decomposition by breaking down the cellular structure), then I spread the scraps over the coffee filter layer. And although I'd moistened the coffee grounds and filters a bit, I didn't get them too wet, so those layers could absorb some of the excess liquid in the scraps. Last time I checked the bin on Jan. 11th, there was a lot of liquid in the bottom bin. After doing some research on the worm forum, I'm told that what I thought was "worm tea" is actually
  • "leachate"
  • from the bin/scraps, and allegedly not good for houseplants (or much else). Not sure if I buy that, so I chose a houseplant for a test subject, and dumped my previously collected "leachate" on it to see. Anyhow, I'm told that optimal bin moisture releases no excess, so that's what I'll strive for. So on top of this scrap layer I added a good layer of shredded paper. Dry for now, and I'll wait until I get "fattening mix" prepared to wet things down again. I'm really digging these worms! :)

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