Sunday, January 07, 2007

Whizzing life? Sometimes it can feel that way as I commute the hour plus back and forth to work each day, 2 1/2 hours daily. Sure, it's not really that long, and I enjoy my job very much. It's just that none of these activities are very physically demanding, and I'd much rather be outside and moving around more. And I realize that a good athletic session of some sort after work would help all of this...but I still feel like a hamster inside a habitrail...wonder what you do to combat that sensation...?


Blackswamp_Girl said...

Car dancing as you sing along to crazy music? Okay, maybe not. :) Seriously, I like to sneak out at work and walk for half an hour on my lunch break. I admit that I'm lucky, as I am .25 miles from a national park trail, but it really does help to break up the day in general. I feel like it's an "attitude adjustment" for the afternoon so people can deal with me!

C.C. said...

Life sampled at 65 mph. I can totally relate to this post. I could think of so many "better" things to do than commuting. But I've yet to find a reasonable job close to home.

Life in the habitrail - if you find a cure, let me know! (grin)

The County Clerk said...

There is only now.

That is much easier to write than do. A lifetime of doing the right thing for the right reasons will be its own reward.

Me? I live in tomorrow and yesterday. Regret and hope. So I'm a hyppocrite. Sorry.

However, as with a car or boat I imagine it is with life: if you are speeding along, the best thing to do is enjoy the wind on your face.

I now have a commute again (until I move and since I've begun going to my office again - long story (I'm living a wacked out life I think)) and I've bought some books on tape. It's nice... but no replacement for driving with Nina Simone. I slay AT LEAST a book a week this way. And then , when I get home, my need to read is sated until bedtime... so I can happily do all the good walk-around things.

Of course, another approach would be bourbon. Good Kentucky Bourbon.

lisa said...

Thanks for the encouragement guys! I definately TRY to enjoy the trip, but I've been feeling edgy lately...not sure why. Clerk, I can relate to alcohol as a relaxation tool...just not the bourbon. (I'll cook with it, though-excellent BBQ sauce ingredient!) I've considered investing in an "extra house" closer to work, but the property taxes in the county where I work are RIDICULOUS! (Like 3x what I pay in my county!) I must. I like your idea, Kim-a walk at lunch would really do me good...I just have trouble getting away consistently (excuse)...and I often don't have the energy after work (another excuse), and I am definately not a morning person who can get up early to walk (too true, but excuse just the same). But something's gotta give...I think more exercise is key. You will NOT see any "before" pics here though...until I have an excellent "after" pic to post next to it!! ;)

chuck b. said...

Cool pictures. Really cool.

lisa said...

Thanks Chuck! Amazing the shots you can get when you're not looking...seriously, just held the camera up to the side window and pushed the button. One example where having less control over the situation was a good thing!